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DLP in August


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  • [Question] DLP in August

    I realized someone just made a similar thread, but I'd like to know if any regulars have some advise for my trip to DLP this August. I plan on spending two days at the parks, with a night at the hotel in between.

    Can I expect any ride closures?
    How should crowds be?
    What kind of lines should I expect?
    Recommendations on Fastpass?

    Anything else would be very appreciated as well--you don't know what you don't know!


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    Re: DLP in August

    See my response in the similar thread for my ideas, except that you have enough time to see the Parks. I just did 3 days, and that was about a half day too much. Definitely spend a day in DLP and then a day at WDS and then that same day go back to DLP.

    My advice on WDS is be there when it opens-get there early, cause when I was there it opened later than DLP, but most people got there thinking it would be open so the line grew rather quickly. Do as many of the rides in the am as you can cause by noon the lines are all almost an hour. Then do the shows when it is hot, and close the Park down (that is if you are enjoying yourself) and then head over to DLP. I reco you head to ToyStory Playland first as the lines there get rather long quickly as they are not high capacity rides.

    At DLP Phantom Manor is a MUST. It's different than all the other Haunted Mansions.

    What hotel are you planning on staying at? I've stayed at both the Sequoia and the Hotel New York. Their location can't be beat, unless you're at the Disneyland Paris Hotel, of course.

    Summer time capacities and crowds, someone more regular can address. I want to say that DLP doesn't announce their refurbs until about a month before-at least that's what I have found, but again a regular can probably advise better.

    Have fun, and be there when the Parks open-that's the very best advise I can give.


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      Re: DLP in August

      Originally posted by GUYNYC View Post
      See my response in the similar thread for my ideas, except that you have enough time to see the Parks. I just did 3 days, and that was about a half day too much.
      Really???!!!!! Sorry, I do not agree, if you want to see everything, and enjoy nice sit down table service meals, and see Buffalo Bills Wild West Show (a real highlight at DLP), it is a 4 day experience and can easily be a week if crowded (though we have kids which can slow you down).

      But you can see a decent amount in 2 days and not feel short changed if you are a Disney vet from other resorts. August of course is pretty busy, but to be honest, except the weekends, it is quieter than Christmas, Easter, or Halloween week. After 56 trips to DLP, I think August is my fav time despite crowds. There is more entertainment on offer, the park is open until 11pm and you have fireworks and the night time parade Fantillusion.

      As for refurbs, it is rare in August. Big Thunder Mountain is an unknown given the horrid accident last month, but who knows, it may be back up by then. There may be some building refurbs (like the Pirate ship), but I would be surprised if many (or any) attractions are out of commission.

      Wait times for that particular time of year will be between 60-90 minutes for the most popular attractions at their peak, others will be at about 20 minutes. The key is to go early, make the most out of Extra Magic Hours. If you are there when EMH begins, you can often get Buzz, Space Mountain, and 2 or 3 Fantasyland attractions (including Peter pan) under your belt.

      AS for Fast Passes, rule of thumb is Peter Pan and Big Thunder are the ones in DLP that make the most sense. In the Studios, Tower of Terror (which is pretty much identical to DCA if you have been on that version).

      In DLP, do not miss Phantom Manor, Big Thunder (if open - it is better than the US versions), explore Adventure Isle (the caves and bridges), Pirates of the Caribbean (it is not PC, there is no Jack Sparrow, and it is better than WDW's, different to DL's and really excellent), Alice's Curious Labrynth, check out Storybookland, It's a Small World is the best version and has a long America room, Space Mountain Mission 2 and the Nautilus. If you are new to Disney parks, then Star Tours (version 1), Captain Eo, Buzz and Peter Pan are all worth while.

      Indiana Jones and the Temple of Peril is ok, but quite dull really. It is best ridden at night.

      For dining, I highly recommend Walt's or the Silver Spur for a late lunch (doing this saves money and ensures a relax at the hottest and busiest part of the day). If you must do counter service, than Casey's Corner (hot dogs), Last Chance Cafe (BBQ), Fuente del Oro (Mexican), Hakuna Matata (veal kebabs and spicy chicken) are good calls. The pizza places (Col Hathis, Victorias, Bella Notte) are ok, as is Toad Hall Fish and chips (do not eat in Discoveryland, no good can come of this). For a very special meal, California Grill in the Disneyland Hotel, while expensive, is excellent.

      In the Studios, Crush is fun and unique, but is a crazy long wait (though the payoff is better than Space Mountain in Florida or California that can have similar waits). Everyone runs to it first thing, and it is not uncommon in August to have 2 hour waits. My preference is to rick getting in line 10 minutes before park closes, often the wait is then only 25 minutes. But it is a gamble, as it breaks down often and if it breaks down within the last hours of the day, they simply close it.

      For me in the Studios, Cinemagique is the jewel in the crown. Sublime and only found in WDSP. Moteurs Action is a great show, but if you have been to Florida, it is near identical. Tower of Terror is the other must do, but if you are a Disney vet, it is identical pretty much to the one in DCA. Other than a look around, skip Toy Story Playland - the queues are huge, the attractions are poor. If you have been to the Studios in Florida, I would say WDSP has a better version of Rock N Roller Coaster and the Tram Tour, I also prefer our Art of Animation. However, if short I time, the only one of those I would prioritise is Rock n Roller Coaster.

      Stitch Live is excellent, and certainly worth making time for (funny). And if you like characters, animagique is cute, making use of black light puppetry. Again skippable if short on time (the Tarzan stage show in DLP however is a must do). And Armageddon is unique to DLP. Now this is a difficult one. Many people do not like it. I do, very much. It is a special effects show where after waiting for a long time, you go into a briefing room where you see clips on how special effects have enhanced films, you then go onto the "set", the russian space station in a meteor storm, where chunks are smashed, explosions take place around you and other surprises too. I love it, it freaks my kids out (which the evil guy in me thinks is funny), but others feel it is a waste of time. If you have been to the Universal parks and liked Backdraft or Twister (which I also like), then I recommend it!

      As for dining in the Studios, there is only one good option, Rendevous de Stars french buffet with visits by Remy from Ratatouille. Most of the time we go to the Village for lunch on a Studios day and opt for either Annettes (burgers, shakes, real cherry coke made with cherry syrup etc.) or the Steakhouse (upscale and very good).

      I adore Buffalo Bills, but with one night, best to skip I suppose.

      In the main park, the fireworks and fanti will be on. I recommend being near the castle on the Adventureland side for the best views of Fantillusion (you can clearly see the villain transformations, but you need to get there 40 minutes earlier), but the best views of the fireworks are near Caseys. Decide dependent on preferences (of course the coasters and other attractions have very short lines at this time, but Fanti can only be seen at DLP).

      Hope this helps, have a great time.
      Let's put the Walt back in Disney!


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