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Taste the magic!

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  • Taste the magic!

    Where to eat?
    It can be a though question, but you are getting some help in form of a new restaurant guide. Open the colorful guide and discover all the restaurant located at the resort. Once you open the guide you will have 67 pages to go thru and make your pick. Choosing your Lunch or Dinner location has never been that easy. Or is it?

    With so many restaurants to choose from in the guide you might not know where to start. Will it be the “Auberge de Cendrillon” in Fnatasyland, or “En Coulisse” in the Studios, or maybe one of the other great restaurants of the resort? But once you made your pick,… Enjoy your meal.

    The guide is dated and is expected to be updated and renewed once this one has expired, just like the Park maps do. (Article DLP.INFO)
    Picture here :

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    Re: Taste the magic!

    Although I haven't had chance to see the pamphlet, it can only be a good idea. For the first time I did a lot of research on the eating options before I went in Oct (was happy to have chicken\chips counter-style food on my other visits) and it paid off - I found Inventions, Blue Lagoon and Hunter's Grill were all excellent and the more people know about them the better!

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