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Armchair Imagineering: Walt Disney Studios Expansion Ideas


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  • [Idea] Armchair Imagineering: Walt Disney Studios Expansion Ideas

    Before I start I'd just like to say that I have not been to any disney park outside of California, so please don't critize me if locations/facts are inaccurate. I've only seen videos and pictures of this and other disney parks (mainly google earth). This expansion would nearly double the size of WDS and would mimick the DCA expansion, but would cost over 1.5 billion dollars. Also this is just for comments. Enjoy.

    Hollywood Boulevard:
    The parks new enterance would depict the 20's to 60's of Hollywood, aka the Golden Age of Hollywood. Building structures would be a cross between Buena Vista Street (DCA) and Hollywood Boulevard (DHS). The Disney Studio 1 building would be taken out and replaced with Main Street-style shops and restraunts, the enterance gate would remain the same though, the studio tour would be taken out, and the ToT would become part of the land. Note: I'm debating on wether or not the parks new icon should be the Carthday Circle Theater or Mang's Chinese Theater, which either would house a new Club 33-type restraunt, and replace the Hollywood Pizza restraunt. I'll leave it up to you to decide what you want.
    - Walt: One Man's Dream. A clone of the walk through attraction at DHS. Would replace the gate on the right hand side of the enterance.
    - Pacific Electric Railway, the parks new transportation the will go from the enterance to the Tower of Terror (The long way).

    Animation Courtyard:
    A semi-land that will span from the Flying Carpets to the Art of Animation building.

    Pixar Place:
    Toon Studios would be replaced with a Pixar themed area, though not much would be changed.
    - Crush's Coaster would be updated to load 3 "shells" at a time.
    - The Up-venture, a Soarin' type ride. The exterior of the ride would be a miniature replica of Paradise Falls with a model of Carl's house, and you would enter the cave that had the Spirit of Adventure. On the ride, you would go through Paradise Falls, as part of Russel's Flying Academy. Along the way, you find out the Charles Mutz has survived somehow, and is back for revenge. You would follow along a crazy fight between them. Would be located next to the enterance of Toy Story Playland.
    - Sunnyside Escape. A Test Track like ride that would place you in the middle of TS3, where the gang is trying to escape, but would bring you along in your toy car (which would look like the car they used at Al's Toy Barn in TS2). It would have a high speed outdoor sequence that would loop around the building (the track would look like RC Racers) and look like Lotso is trying to stop you with traps, and would end with you going down the garbage shoot. The exterior would be an enlarge Sunnyside building that would have the walls as supports for the outdoor track. Would be located near the west side of Toy Story Playland.
    - Al's Toy Barn. A gift shop for Midway Mania to be added to TSPL.
    Mater's Movielot: A miniland for Pixar Place. Themed to Mater's adventures. Would be located on the other side of the Studio Tour's loading/unloading area.
    - Mater's Spy Adventures. A special effect dark ride where you join C.H.R.O.M.E (the spy school from the Cars 2 game) and are trained to be a spy. But Professor Z and his henchmen interupt your training and are trying to get revenge on them. Would use the EMV ride system, found in the Indiana Jones rides, but would look like a car from the world of Cars.
    - Mater's Carstoon Spin. A Carstoon version of Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin in Dl and TDL. It would have two different versions, the Mater Experience, and the Lightning Experience. The vehicle's would be the various styles of Lightning and Mater. Would go through all the current Carstoons released (Mater the Greater, Monster Truck Mater, Mater Private Eye, Moon Mater, El Materdor, Tokyo Mater, Unidentified Flying Mater, and Rescue Squad Mater).
    - Mater's Backward's Driving School. An wild mouse coaster in which Mater has opened up a backwards driving school in his junkyard. He has set up various obsticles that you would do, including a crazy ride through the forest behind the town. The vehicles would be facing backward and loo like an old, rusted car from the Cars world.

    Productions Courtyard:
    - CineMagique would get a new facade that would look like the Hollywood Theater.
    - Playhouse Disney: Live on Stage would be replaced with Disney Junior Live.
    - A Hollywood Brown Derby restraunt would be added between CineMagique and Disey Junior.

    Big City USA:
    The Backlot area would be converted to a New York themed land. The facades would be redesigned to resemble the tall structures in the city. The attractions would mostly remain the same, exect for the exterior.

    Toon Studios:
    Toon Studios would be "moved" from its current location to the unused area behind the park. Rather than being themed to Disney animated movies and characters, this land would be themed to Disney cartoons. Would have an enterance from Big City and Pixar Place.
    - Toon Studio Tour. A clone of my ride that I planned for DCA. The Earful Tower would be moved next to the enterance building
    - Steamboat Willie Springs. A replica of the steamboat from the cartoon, and would have several water play areas.
    - Plane Crazies. A Dumbo style spinner that is themed to Plane Crazy. The queue would be his barn which holds the remains of the failed planes he made.
    - Mickey's Crime Stoppers. A dark ride where you, policemen/women in training, are following Mickey and Donald as they chase down Pete for robbing a bank. Would be loosely themed around the cartoon, The Catnapper.
    - Goofy About Acting. A dark ride that is based on Goofy's short, How to be a Waiter, where Goofy demonstrates all the techniques on how to be become and actor.
    - Cartoon River Rapids. A white-water ride that would be themed to river that travels through cartoons. It would be almost controlled to adjust to the weather. Would have several river/ocean cartoon segments like Shanghied (would have an AA of Mickey fighting Pete on an arch above the water), The Whalers (Would have an Artic setting and have you enter the whale-boat, from the end of the cartoon), etc.
    - Mickey's Philharmagic. Not exactly a clone of the existing rides. This version would have different hosts (Donald, Minnie, and Goofy) and would include random sequences/songs (like Star Tours 2.0). Would take place in the Toon Studio Theater.
    - The House of Mouse. A restraunt themed to the TV show.
    - Steamroller Supplies. A gift shop themed to Mickey's Steamroller.
    - Goofy's Sportz Zone. A restraunt themed to Goofy's Extreme Sports, and his How to cartoons that involve sports.
    - Pete's Lair. A gift shop themed to Pete's Hideout from Mickey to the Rescue cartoons.

    - The ToT would have the show that was done for its opening day ceremony.
    - Toon Studio Tour would be redone into a temporary Epic Mickey ride.
    - Skeletons decoration would be added everwhere, to mimick the scare crows at the other park.
    - The Art of Animation would feature Disney Villains.
    - decorations would be added everywhere.

    - Toon Studio Tour would be given holiday themed cartoons.
    - The Sorceror's Hat would be decorated like a christmas tree.
    - Holiday decorations would be added everywhere.
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