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A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)


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  • Trip Report A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

    Hello everyone!!

    Just arrived home from DLP. I went there to see all the Christmas season feattures and some shopping also. For those who don't know, here in France the weather has been very strange this last week, with storms coming out of nowhere. I looked all the week the weather forecast and it always said a mixture between rain and sun. But actually, saturday morning the skies were clear and all sunny. Very cold of course but besides that no rain. Or so I thought....

    Arrived at DLP at around 15 and went for a walk around the park to see the decorations. It was busy, but not as busy as I thought it would be since it was the last weekend before Christmas.

    Everyone with their hot coats and gloves on because it was freezing...

    I love the decoration of this shop. So nice

    For those who haven't seen before here it is the new control center for the new show Disney Dreams coming in April

    It actually feets very well with the rest of central plaza although it lacks still of the popcorn lights. But maybe they will add after.
    So after I went to Phantom Manor. As you all know by now it is one of my favourite rides. No big queue (only 15 minutes) so I went in. Here is the look of things before I went in...

    Not a bad sky, still sunny, some small clouds but nothing that special.

    Went I got out of the ride, the first thing I heard was a thunder... I thought I was still in the ride but no.. Outside, only after 15 minutes the skies were completely different.

    Then some white balls began falling. No rain or snow. only hail...

    Actually it was funny because many people didn't realize that it was hail so everytime they felt something hitting them, they would start looking around trying to find out who did that. I went for a walk around adventureland, praying that things wouldn't get worse.

    See the two torches were lit during all weekend. Here is a look of the gallion. All flags are back and some ropes too.

    The lovely adventureland...

    Well almost time for the parade so I went to central plaza to find a good spot for me to see the parade with the christmas unit at the end. When I arrived there, a group of cheerleaders were acting (as part of some program that DLP has although I didn't quite listen very well).

    And this, believe me, is the last picture of these girls dry. Because a minute after, torrential rain, mixed with ice and snow fell from the skies. Actually I think that everything you can imagine that falls from the skies (weather related of course) fell during the next hour or so.

    I asked a cast member if they were going to cancel the parade and the shows since last year they cancelled the shows due to the snow. And for my surprise she said not at all. It is not the guest's fault that the weather is like this. Only in extreme conditions the shows and parades will be cancelled. Well, if that was not an extreme condition I don't know what it is lool.

    So everyone stayed on Main Street waiting for the 17:00 parade. By the time the parade started the weather was like this...

    But as the girl said, they went on with the parade. The characters were acting normally, like during a hot sunny day

    The ones covered, didn't need any other adornment, like Mary Poppins.

    Others, like the little mermaid and Eric, needed a nice umbrella.

    When the Christmas unit appeared, they added to the mixture of snow, ice and rain, fake snow so things got really messy.

    And there came Duffy (yes everything is about Duffy at DLP)

    I actually recorded Santa but it is not that good so I won't put it here. But he came also with a nice umbrella. But actually, by the time he got to central plaza, the rain was stopping a bit so he closed the umbrella.

    After a bit of shopping (to avoid the wetty and slippery floor), it was time to light up the Christmas tree.

    The ceremony if the same as last year.

    But this time, instead of staying in the first row in front of the tree, I stayed back a bit in the middle of main street. And believe me, it was the best. Because there you get a good look of the lights on the tree, but also the christmas lights on Main street. You even see the snow falling which gives a special look to the ceremony. Here is the end of it:

    Lovely isn't it ?

    It was then time for the castle.

    To be continued...
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    Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

    if only Disney actually took care of this park


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      Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

      Beautiful photos, thanks! ^_^


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        Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

        Thanks for the pictures.

        Wow, it rained really heavily and the didn't cancel the parade. Honestly I didn't expect that for DLRP.


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          Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

          Great photos. Sounds like you had some really crazy weather.

          Nice to see they kept the show going though.

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            Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

            Looking forward to seeing more photos!


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              Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

              Thanks for the warm comments everyone. I'll be uploading a new part later today


              Just found a vid of the christmas parade on Saturday with all the rain:

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                Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

                Part 2

                The show actually works very well. It is a bit inspired by the MK show but since the castle is from Aurora it makes sense that she would get the show. But, as for the castle lights this year... Well judge by yourselfs.

                And now compared to the castle last year and see the differences.

                Well, when I first heard they were not bringing all the castle lights back I was very disappointed. I don't pretend to know why they decided this in the first place. The most consistent rumour says that due to the projection tests being made after hours for Dreams, they needed the castle without the normal Christmas lights. Actually it is true that they are doing tests after hours but it is also true that at the Magic Kingdom they have The Magic, The Memories and You show (that uses projections on the castle) and all the normal Christmas lights.

                Anyway, at the end it actually doesn't look as bad as I tought. It is nice to see the new leds they place on the castle walls. Even the back of the castle has this small leds spread all over the facade. But still I think the old system worked better.

                By this time, Fantillusion was getting ready to go out, so I went to see it in a different place, near It's a Small World. Actually, this is a very good spot to see the parade. Not a lot of people goes there to see it so you can actually arrive by the time it starts and get a front row view of the parade. Due to the cold weather, Fantillusion was on a non-stop mode so here are some pics of it.

                Mickey as always leading with its rainbow of colours.

                The tree fairies were actually having a small fight which I actually found funny to see. The blue fairy almost attacking the pink one. Don't ask why because I don't know too lool.

                One of the most beautifull float in the parade, the butterfly float.

                Now this I don't understand. If the parade is in a nonstop mode, why do they have to carry the dark lights that are only used in the stops?? The guy just walk pushing the lights, not moving at all. Not necessary I think.

                Bad Jaffar cursing everyone as usual.

                The best villan ever :P

                And then the princess part, with snow white and her prince.

                Ariel and Eric

                Beauty and the Beast.

                Jasmin and Aladdin.

                And in the last float...

                The princess of all princess, Minnie.

                So after the park pretty much emptied so I grab the chance to do most of the rides and take some nice pictures of an empty Disneyland Paris.

                But that is for part 3 :P
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                  Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

                  Thanks a lot for the pictures.

                  As for the castle lights, in my opinion it looks better this years. Sometimes less is more.


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                    Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

                    Thank you for the wonderfull pictures and stories! When I was there a couple of years ago, the weather was very nice. I'm glad it wasn't like that! Altough, I'd love to see it covered in snow!!
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                      Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

                      Great photos! I miss this park so much.
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                        Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

                        I love your pictures! Great report!

                        About castle lights, it is because of the castle's refurb. The management asked not to drill hole to fix the lights on the walls because that damaged the castle.

                        Hi, I'm a french who tries to speak in English! Please forgive me for the horrible mistakes I make. And don't hesitate to correct me :-) Thank you!


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                          Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

                          Great photos, wish I could have been there!


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                            Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

                            ORDDU: I wish we could have been there, too--to keep our Coruscant company. He's such a dear little duckling.

                            ORWEN: Merry Chistmas, Coruscant! Thank you for the nice pictures!

                            ORGOCH: Got Christmas frogs?


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                              Re: A very cold and stormy weekend (photo heavy)

                              Part 3

                              So as I said, after Fantillusion the park pretty much emptied with only some people in the shops, either to get warm or simply to do some shopping. I then got the chance to do most of the rides with little to no time waiting.

                              The castle seen from Fantasyland (near adventureland)

                              The roof of the teacups is beautifull at night.

                              I then went to see the holiday overlay of It's a small World. The facade hasn't got all the lights as at Disneyland, but still they manage to place some around the gardens at the entrance.

                              Inside some small details (besides the music of course) gives a taste of christmas.

                              The three kings

                              Well, after all this christmas, I though it was really nice to have some halloween so I went back to Phantom Manor.

                              Alone in the stretching room.... Now that can be a nice experience. The cast members of DLP actually love to scare someone after the stretching scene. Since I was alone I was prepared for the worst lool. Still he manage to scare me because he didn't appeared from behind, as I though he would, but stood right in front of me, looking scary. I loved it.

                              The beautifull bride

                              And the empty staircase

                              I step out of the ride and went for adventureland. On the way there I saw this beautifull christmas shop still in Frontierland. Very nice lights there.

                              Pirates was a walk through ride also as you can see here. Once again alone there.

                              Did all the rides at fantasyland also, even peter pan and dumbo. No waits again.

                              Discoveryland was the same thing so did pretty much the entire park in one and a half hour.
                              By the time i step to central plaza, the park was closing. And empty already. So I grab the chance to take some photos of an empty Disneyland Park.

                              The beautifull lights near the entrance of Liberty Arcade.

                              Empty Main Stree. I actually love the reflections of the floor.

                              Empty Town Plaza

                              And with that I end this report. Thanks for reading and for the nice replies. I wish you all a very happy holidays, and an excelent 2012.

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