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Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)


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  • Trip Report Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

    My girlfriend (Katie) and I are traveling around Europe for 3 months (01/09/12-04/09/12). Our first stop, for the 1st entire month, is Paris. Since I am sort of a Disney-head, we both decided to visit Disneyland Paris. We both came to the conclusion to only visit one park, which was Disneyland Paris (sorry Walt Disney Studio Park). It was an ugly and rainy day, but that meant that the park was empty. Our longest wait time was 10 minutes. If you would like to see all of my pictures, from Disneyland Paris, you can visit my Flickr page. Enjoy!

    The first thing we had to do was take the RER to get to DLP, and I have to say that it was a nightmare. Just getting to the correct RER train is confusing and the trains themselves are rundown.

    We made it!

    Once we escaped the baggage checkpoint, we got a perfect view of the DLP Hotel.

    Entrance to DLP.

    It is always interesting for me to see if Main Street is different in any of the other Disneyland parks, since I have been to The Resort and World..

    Down the street we go.

    The castle would look great if they were not doing work on it.

    Wish I could be here for the 20th.

    First stop: DiscoveryLand...

    and Space Mountain 2! SM2 was a fun ride but it really did not tell a story, which is too bad. It was an exciting and fast ride though!

    Entrance to SM2.

    One of the coolest ride posters at DLP.

    The design, around the ride, is breathtaking. Most of DLP is amazing to just look at.

    The waiting area.

    SM2 carts.

    Next...Star Tours!

    You guys can have your 3-D, update verison of Star Tours. I’ll take Rex as my caption any day of the week. would never see something like this in the U.S. Disneyland parks. They would have replaced the letters and caught the individual/s who would do such a thing.

    Katie is getting hyped for classic Star Tours.

    One of the best Disneyland posters. I need to get me a copy this.

    There are many walk-throughs throughout DLP. Le Tanuere eu Dragon is one of the coolest ones, where you can see a dragon sleeping. Be careful though because you might just wake him.

    Adventure Land entrance is Aladdin themed. Happy to see that Aladdin is getting some love.

    Beautiful design inside the entrance way.

    Next ride we went on was Phathom Manor. You can tell that a lot of time was put into the outside of the ride. The ride is nothing too interesting or different from the other ones Haunted Mansion rides. There is one part that I did love but I will not give it away.

    The area right outside the ride entrance.

    You will see these type of headstones after you have gotten off the ride.

    After Phatom Manor, we decided it would be fun to go on Indian Jones ride.

    Another fun and exciting roller coaster. Did not expect it to be such a fast ride.

    The line area is pretty awesome to look at, and since there was not much of a line, we were able to take in the sights.

    We got to ride in the front. I am not a big fan of sitting in front of rides but it was great being able to a get view of the ride.

    Another walk-though....

    Pretty cool scene from inside "Skull Rock" on Adventure Island.

    After the underwhelming walk-through, we headed to Pirates.

    The same classic Pirates ride that everyone loves. Great to see and experience it from another Disneyland park.

    One of Katie’s favorite rides is Peter Pan. The line was not long so we jumped on.

    Interesting: two row of sits instead of one.

    The only real negative thing about DLP is all the smoking that goes on around the park. I did not see any Cast Member tell any of the patrons to stop. There are smoking sections in the park but no one seems to use them. Tobacco is whacko people!

    Another shot of the beautiful castle.

    Shot from inside the castle. So much detail was put into this castle.

    Stained glass windows from the upper level of the castle.

    Another amazing stained glass window.

    Shot from the second level, outside of the castle. Too bad that it was not a nice looking day.

    Now it was time for lunch at The Lucky Nugget Saloon. I had the ribs, which were yummy.

    Katie had the chicken, which was not that great. I was happy that we got a lot of fries though.

    We also got to see a cute little singing show. Nothing like great music to help the food go down.

    Then the rain came. Thankfully it did not rain that hard at all.

    One of the favorite areas of the park is Statue of Liberty Tableau. This area shows you the history of the Statue of Liberty. There are many different pictures, posters, and things to read inside this area. Great way to spend some time out of the rain.

    Beautiful gas lamp.

    The future looks amazing.

    After walking around Liberty area, Katie wanted to go on the train. Since the train was going to take too long, we decided not to ride it. Before leaving the train area, I wanted to take some photos of these amazing stained glass windows.

    These were the wait times for most of the day.

    Time for Michael to hurt us.

    If I was not going to be traveling around Europe for the next 2 months, I would have gotten a hat and a mug.

    Katie is pumped!

    Need some touching-up

    The spirit of HISTA is still alive. Terrible...

    They could have at least taken the time to take this down.

    Another walk-through to go through. This one was pretty great. I have never seen 20,000 but this was pretty cool.

    Cool little display, outside of the walk-through.

    Map and information.

    Some pictures from inside the walk-through.


    It was time for a little sweet snack but the ice cream place was closed ( I was pretty upset by this discovery). Katie found something though.

    Last ride of the day: Big Thunder. It was by far the best ride at the park: great story, great roller coaster, and it didn't make my girlfriend feel sick like Space Mountain and Indiana Jones.

    I hate rides that take your picture but this is a hilarious one of me.

    Close-up of the castle.

    Another terrible picture of me but Katie looks great.

    Rainy Main Street.

    It does not matter which Disney park you go to because they always look better at night.

    After DLP we walked around Disney Village for a bit. The World of Disney store is coming along pretty great. Cannot wait to see what it looks like when it opens.

    We did not walk around the stores very much because it was really busy. We just wanted to see what stores they had.

    I would like to thank the Micechat’s Disneyland Paris community. I created a thread, asking some questions about DLP, a few months ago and got some very helpful answers. Also, I would like to give a shout-out to DLRP Magic! website. Very helpful and amazing site.

    Thanks for taking the time to look/read my trip report. See ya' later trash cans!
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    Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

    Thanks for your trip report!

    You have highlighted the many problems of Disneyland Paris. It is one of the most beautiful parks, but also one of the worst maintained. Last year DLRP put a big effort into refurbing the park. It has been a lot worse before.

    Star Tours was already in a bad shape in 2010 when I have been the last time. It amazes me that it is still in such a bad condition. I really hope that changes soon, since the management did a lot to improve the park during the last year.

    Yeah smoking is a big problem, but I have to admit I'm not bothered as long as it's not happening in queues.

    May I ask where are you going during the rest of the three months? I wish you a great trip through Europe!


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      Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

      Even though DLRP has some problems, it is still an amazing park. I am happy to have visited. Next time I come to Paris, I would love to checkout the entire resort. I cannot wait to see what they do for their 20th. I so wish I could be there for that.

      After Paris we are headed to Spain, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, and finally England. Thanks for the well wishes!


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          Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

          Great trip report, it saddens me to see that sign at Star Tours, I am not sure how long it has been like that but I am pretty sure it wasn't in that condition late November / early December. The smoking is a big problem at Disneyland Paris but that is more of a cultural thing, it annoys me when people smoke in line for attractions!


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            Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

            Great report! Hope you and your girlfriend have a wonderful time around Europe.

            We all know Star Tours is more than due for an refurb but I was shocked at the state of the sign, it certainly was not like that when I went in October last year.


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              Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

              Thanks for the TR, much appreciated!


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                Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

                Lovely TR.

                You've got me having DLP withdrawals now..

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                    Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

                    Great Pictures. Hope you had a great time over at DLP and Europe
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                      Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

                      Great TR! Thanks for sharing.


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                        Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

                        Nice trip report - interesting to hear the American point of view on the park.
                        Unfortunately the same standards that exist at Disneyland in the USA don't seem to apply at DLRP.


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                          Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

                          Thanks for the report!

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                            Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

                            Thanks for posting all the great pics! I've never been to DLP so it's nice to be able to see pics of it and hear of everyone's experiences. Three months in Europe, that's wonderful Have a great time!
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                              Re: Americans in Paris: DLP (01/24/12)

                              Gorgeous pictures! Despite the maintenance issues, DLRP has some of the best design and architecture of all the parks.


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