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Invite Goofy at home!


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  • [Fun] Invite Goofy at home!

    Just try it! Fantastic and fun, really!!!

    Giant Steps - Disney

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    Re: Invite Goofy at home!

    cool!!! great fun!


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      Re: Invite Goofy at home!

      oh my gosh that was fun lol. cool game.


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        Re: Invite Goofy at home!

        That was very impressive,
        though I now think Goofy is even creepier than before.
        Thanks for sharing that link,

        * * * * *
        I posted this on a thread in the (California) Disneyland section. It seems more relevant here after seeing this video:

        I've never really liked
        and I've read that he got on Walt's nerves too. (Source: Neal Gabler's biography of Walt. NG's source? You got me.)

        I don't think it's because Goofy is stupid. (I love Spongebob's friend, Patrick,
        and Curly is my favorite Stooge.)

        I don't think it's because we don't know what the heck he is.
        (See the movie "Stand By Me.") Tina Fey doesn't have a problem with this & believes he is a dog: see about a minute & 50 seconds into this clip:
        We have a cat who thinks he's a dog and we get along just fine.

        I detest Goofy because he's too much of a follower; I don't know what motivates him;
        more than any character besides Duffy, I can see the marketers pulling his strings;
        he's boring (Mickey is freakishly upbeat; Donald has a worse temper than Joe Pesci in "Goodfellas")
        he seems like he TRIES to be stupid, but he seems like he's overacting and faking it;
        but above all, it's that voice. Oh, and in the Disneyland Paris video (linked on Olivier's post above) he literally reached. . . well, see the video for yourself.

        P.S. Also, in the summer of 1983 during my Disneyland cast member orientation tour, Goofy imitated the way I stood then how I moved. Then he walked away, then ran up and slid into me like a baseball player, knocking me over. It got big laughs, but I will avenge this!
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          Re: Invite Goofy at home!

          LOL, Jcruise, I love your analysis of Goofy, especially your vow to get revenge on him. I kind of agree with you, but I don't hate Goofy so much as he's just not that interesting to me.

          Actually, he was in the beginning. I like his very early shorts, up through his "how-to" series. I think that's where I lost interest in him. Ever since Bill Farmer took over his voice, I've not cared. I HATED Goof Troop. However...I loved A Goofy Movie. That was one of the few times I actually cared about Goofy, when he showed his "human" side, LOL.

          It's funny you say it's an act, because I kind of think so too based on things he's done. At least Patrick on Spongebob is fairly consistent and is just...stupid. Goofy obviously has been able to do pretty well for himself, including having a son. He just acts like a fool to be liked, I guess.

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          Oh, and I totally forgot to post what I thought about the "Giant Steps" app. It was really cute, even with Goofy. I was surprised with what they did. I won't spoil it, but it did make me smile.


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