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  • [Chat] Disneyland Railroad Spiel

    The European version of the famous Walt Disney's ride, Disneyland Railroad, is such a great attraction. I really like this ride. But, I'm always wondering why Cast Members seem not to like it and why they ruin the show.

    You know, when you ride it, you can hear a great soundtrack, which perfectly announces everything you need to know. But Cast Members are always interrupting this soundtrack. Why ? Moreover, they don't speak clearly and never say the right name "Frontierland Depot" (and not "Frontierland Station").

    Check it out:

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    Re: Disneyland Railroad Spiel

    Agreed. Same thing happens here in Disneyland. Cast members always feel the needs to interrupt the spiel to tell us about what attractions are nearby. It just seems a bit out of place, and even sometimes ear popping since their voice tends to be louder than the actual spiel itself.

    Then again, imagine if you kept on hearing the same 20 minute loops for a 4-6 hours shift every day? Also, it seems like some people just can't look at a map right, because I've heard of some people asking if Space Mountain is nearby when we stop at New Orleans Square/Frontierland.

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      Re: Disneyland Railroad Spiel

      When Disneyland Paris Railroad's Cast Members try to speak English, they often speak like miss France 2012.

      No comment.


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