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  • [Question] Halloween at DLP

    Hey guys,

    does anyone know when Halloween starts at DLP this year?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Halloween at DLP

    Far as I can see it starts October 1st and wraps up on November 4th. Just don't quote me on that, hopefully someone else can confirm that.

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      Re: Halloween at DLP

      A Halloween thread on the DLP forum? Somebody HAS TO post a picture of the infamous Potato Men!
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        Re: Halloween at DLP

        DLP Halloween Official Press Release (translated from DLRPEXPRESS)

        Mickey and his surprise party for Halloween

        The Rendezvous Villains Disney

        Goofy Candy

        Smoke captivating escape from a strange candy machine and disperses on Town Square. Designed by Goofy himself Goofy Candy is an invention unique, colorful and sweet! Created especially for Halloween, this funny machine suggests the secrets of making candy. Visitors can take the opportunity to take a break before this strange creation. Dingo himself made ​​a few appearances even for a distribution of sweets, in the purest tradition of Halloween. Location: Town Square, Disneyland Park

        Cemetery Jack and Sally (from The Nightmare Before Christmas Tim Burton Jack)

        The famous couple of the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack makes an appointment for visitors to Disneyland Paris for a meeting mortally enchanting. In a scene that recreates the world of film, Jack and Sally greet in person those who are brave enough to venture into their graveyard. Faithful reproduction of the universe of Tim Burton Cemetery Jack and Sally is a unique, specially created for the Halloween Festival. Location: Phantom Manor - Disneyland Evenings Festival Halloween

        The Halloween Party Disney:

        Terrorific Night:

        Yell of terror the 26 & 27 October 2012! After the great success of previous editions, the evenings Terrorific Night * take back control of the Walt Disney Studios Park on 26 and 27 October 2012 from 20:30 to 1 am, for new experiences in a world ever more terrifying ... tension, suspense, scenes worthy of the greatest horror films and animations Machiavellian ... everything has been designed to immerse visitors in an atmosphere fatally unforgettable! This year, the parties reserve a new surprise! The famous writer Maxim Chattam himself came to bring a touch of terror in one of the attractions of Walt Disney Studios Park: a unique short film, screened exclusively in the evenings. A real experience, up to the novelist's talent knowing all the tricks of the American thriller. the most intrepid visitors will lose their bearings: filled with scary creatures and monstrous, the Park turns throughout the night ... Some attractions are even modified and take visitors to the discovery of frightening experiences. Every corner of the characters haunting houses the Walt Disney Studios and visitors at the same time ... The Terrorific Night with Walt Disney Studios, the nights are full of anguish and terror ...! * Event fee: € 35 per person - Not recommended for under 12

        On the occasion of 20th Anniversary Disneyland Paris invites visitors to experience moments scarily funny from 1 October to 4 November 2012 at the Halloween Festival.


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