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23/09/12 - 26/09/12 at DLP

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  • Trip Report 23/09/12 - 26/09/12 at DLP

    Hey guys, just got back last night from this years trip to Paris and had a thoroughly awesome time. The weather was mixed but only a couple of short heavy showers (once while I was on BTM!) so not too bad.

    Stayed in the New York, my favourite hotel so far. Hopefully next year I can stay in the DLH!

    The cast members this years were amazing, really great. The ratio of bad to good was only about 1 in 10. Well done DLP.

    It was really nice being there this week seeing all the Halloween bits and bobs pop up over night, the big heads in the hub are awesome. Obviously PM was down as was PPF but we made the best of it with lots of Pirates and BTM. Didn't go on SM once! I really don't enjoy the violence of it anymore :-)

    Anyway here are my 2 parade videos:

    a nice cameo from the Queen of Hearts here :-)

    Disney Magic On Parade! Disneyland Paris - YouTube

    Disney's Stars 'n' Cars Parade 2012 Disneyland Paris - YouTube

    Does anyone want any pics?
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    Re: 23/09/12 - 26/09/12 at DLP

    I'm always interested to see pictures of how the parks are currently looking.


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      Re: 23/09/12 - 26/09/12 at DLP

      Bring on some pictures. Show it all


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        Re: 23/09/12 - 26/09/12 at DLP

        I would like to see some pictures.

        Friends of ours have also just returned from DLRP. They were also surprised by the very friendly and helpful CMs. According to them, it was the best experience since 2007. They stayed also in the HNY and they loved it as well.

        What was your impression when it comes to maintenance. My friends told me that the resort still needs a lot of work, but it has improved a lot compared to last year. Most effects were working and even the parks were very tidy. Usually they are very critical with DLRP, since they have already been to Tokyo as well.


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          Re: 23/09/12 - 26/09/12 at DLP

          I went in 2011 and August 2012, and I must say that maintenance improved in just that one year. Bar a few iffy animatronics in Phantom Manor and the ever present SM cannon issues all the technical issues present in 2011 were sorted in 2012.