really it's not a joke, toilets were clean!!!!!!

But my opinion about DLRP management is poor , they are s.....d id...s, i try to add 2 additional days to my package

1st i try to make order ower the phone i was told that advertized 40% discout is awailable only on the web.
2nt I made order ower web (but you cannot add 2 additional nights on web orders )
3rd i make a call and i requested modification of my package that guy event didnt know that in the catalog is this option..
4rd i make another call i requested modification of my package to add 2 additional nights , but they told me that they have to cancel my existing booking with 75% cancelattion fee and make a new one ... gues what i bought 2 additional night in non disney hotel ....

So is there anyone whou was able order any disney hotel + tickets package with additional nights ?