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  • [Idea] Amending WDS

    So i got to thinking about ways to fix WDS. I realized that it may not be as bad as we make it out to be...or at least it may be easier to fix.

    One of the first issues with the park is the horrendous location of Tower of Terror. Its smack-dab in the middle of the park and doesnt even fit its surroundings. That can be fixed with the reimagining of that discombobulated middle section that spans from the Cars attraction to Stitch Encounter.... Hollywood Boulevard.

    Hollywood BLVD
    All of the buildings in that land would recieve new facades to match the vintage hollywood setting
    • The iconic "Partners" Statue moves out of the park and moves to an approriate spot in Disneyland Paris (it doesnt even have to be the hub, it could be outside of Walt's as long as its appropriate)
    • The building in front of ToT gets removed in favor of rows of palm trees in order to make ToT look like it has something leading up to it. That would ultimately make the tower look more forboding. (Demolishing and rebuilding the tower somewhere else is just extremely unfeasible)
    • The tram tour closes. Bye Bye. the area that was formally the loading station perhaps becomes a water feature.
    • Bye Bye Carpets

    I have other ideas for this land, however, i havent fully thought them out. Some include A Muppet Movie Ride and A ride through Disney Animation.

    Pixar Studios
    The Toon Studios gets rethemed to Pixar because it practically already is a Pixar land with Cars, Crush, Toy Story Playland, and the upcomming Ratatoulli (sorry if i cant spell that). Everything generally remains unchanged. Notably, there will be new signage that goes between the animation building and cars.

    • Monster's Inc Laugh Floor moves over from MK to this park by either taking the Animagique building, or a new building constructed on the land that the carpets sits on.
    • Toy Stoy Mania added to TSPL (if theres room)

    I'd love to see an "Up" attraction here somewhere but i gont know where it will fit at exactly as i dont know how the land is configured for Remy's little land.

    Production Central
    Basically that area of the park that has RnRC and LMA remains the same in terms of its attractions. Just get rid of all of those godawful movie posters hanging all over the place, and get rid of the bilbords that mess with ToT's sight lines. Give LMA an upgrade in story, and let Herbie play a role. Some may hate it, but its those kinds of the Disney touches that the park needs.

    • Armegeddon should get replaced with an attraction thats on the lines of "Disaster: A major motion picture staring you" at Universal Studios. I dont really know about it, all i know is that the Armegeddon Set would really make for a cool Halloween hub at the park.

    New York City
    y plans here are to lead form Production Central to Broadway. Broadway is just a short little street with perhaps a show along the lines of Big Band Beat at TDS. The real fun is when we get to the heart of the city where the Marvel Universe unfolds. Im using plans that i thought up for DHS befor i realized that the cant be implemented for a while. The plan here is to have regular shops and restaraunts that dont really have to be Marvel themed persay, but they would have skyscraper facades. I specifically dont want to do "Super Hero Island" where everything is blown out of proportion and you are supposed to feel like youre actually in a comic. I want people to be in New York and have everything come alive around them. With that said:
    • Avengers Initiative - an EMV ride thats part comic, part movie. This means that there may be elements and likenesses that were scene in the movie, but it really has nothing to do with the movie and could have opened if the movie was never made. Anyway, the story is that you enter one of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s ground hq in the middle of an all out attack on NYC (by who i dont know yet) The Avengers are on the ground fighting and Nick Fury wants you to board special vehicles in order to "help" to find civilians in the rubble. This attraction is an upgrae from Indy and CTX with new AA's, some video screens, special effects, and the fact that it takes place in the day.
    • The Xavier Institute -think of the Haunted Mansion on steroids...maybe not that intense. Professor X invites guest to tour his mansion (as an act of peace between Humans and Mutants) In his mansion you explore varios rooms with AAs of X men. One of the coolest effects i have in mind is having guest ride by Storm in the danger room where she's conducting lightning etc.
    • Dare Devil- basically Sounds Dangerous but heavily updated.
    • Doc Oc- It is a new take on a Dumbo Spinner. Basically dumbo + tea ups. There would be a story thoug believe it or not. Doc oc has trapped you in his new machine bla bla. the interesting part is that the ride moves on a platform that moves the spinner into a little building where show scenes of spider man comming to save the guest occcure. There would be two spinners so that while one loads/unloads the other is going through the building.

    How about that start? Suggestions? Comments? What are your ideas?

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    Re: Amending WDS

    Just to clarify, NY/Marvel Universe starts out as leading abouve production central, then wrapping aroud behind it. That just leaves space for plenty of future projects.

    Disney Studio 1 is actually a neat concept. I would just retheme it a bit to a hollywood gala where you are walking on a red carpet and there aree a bunch of flashing lights. A great movie ride could operate in an expanded Cinemagique building that takes up the plot of land next to it. The area in front of that plot becomes a stage that can be used for various little shows (think the stage by Sleeping Beauty Castle in paris, and the litte stange in front of TDS ToT). Next, the Stitch/Disney Jr building becomes come to a Muppet Movie Ride that breaks the 4th wall and completely acknowledges its competition : The Great Movie Ride. Disney Junior can mabye move to Animagique.


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      Re: Amending WDS

      Why don't you work for WDI?
      Take a look at some of my models I make at


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        Re: Amending WDS

        Originally posted by mratigan View Post
        Why don't you work for WDI?
        Thanks.I plan on woirking there at some point. But this is all just stuff that came off the top. Im sure that there are more and/or better ways to initially plus WDS


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