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New parades! New parades!


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  • New parades! New parades!

    News and rumours on Dlp.Info reports that the "Stars and Motor Cars Parade" from Disney Studios WDW is coming to the Studios Paris in summer 2007. I've been lucky enough to see the WDW version and think that it's a good replacement for the Cinema Parade (which is not as bad as some make out, but it's not going to win any awards for "Best Disney Parade".)

    I feel it will also open up the "Studio" feel of the parade because it can include Disney classics, Muppets, Power Rangers, Playhouse Disney - in fact anything in TV or Movies!

    What do you think?

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    Re: New parades! New parades!

    Can you post pictures of the parade they currently have?


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      Re: New parades! New parades!

      What about a video? I thought the current parade did a show stop-how does that work?


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        Re: New parades! New parades!

        i'm glad to get a new Parade in 07 for the Studios for i'm sorry to say that but it's another copy from another park .

        Tower from DLR and Parade from WDW .

        no Block Party Bash to WDS Finally ?
        HKDL : Done !!!


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          Re: New parades! New parades!

          Originally posted by CaliforniaAdventurer
          Can you post pictures of the parade they currently have?
          Pictures of current WDS Cin&#233;ma Parade :

          Actually, it sounds good! I've seen a video of Stars and Motor Cars Parade and I thought it looks great!
          The original concept of the WDS Cinema Parade was very good indeed, I just don't like the way it's performed now (less dancers, often bad rythm...)

          There are information about the 2007 DLP parade too :
          But there is more Parade news. Another new parade will be presented to the Disneyland Park guests for the very first time in the world in 2007. The new parade called “Once Upon a Dream” final concept was approved by Jay Rasulo. The parade will contain 8 floats and are rumored to look a lot like the well know Snow globes used in the Disney World Magic Kingdom park. The floats will share two concepts existing out of two or more classic and famous Disney features. The final float would show be made out of three parts and would need to be driven by two drivers. This float would then carry the most famous princesses and there beloved princes.
          Constructions on the new floats has already started and they are completely new with state of the art technology meaning the current Disneyland Resort Paris drivers will be given extra training before taking place in their drivers seat. Premiere date? If sources are correct! As soon as February 2007.
          Source :
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            Re: New parades! New parades!

            While I am not a fan of Stars & Motor Cars is a great concept. Easily changed, rather cheap to perform and a crowd pleaser. To lose it could be sad for MGM but good for WDS.

            As far as the new Parade for Disneyland Paris: "snowglobes similar to those in WDW": translation: same floats with new props (gotta save money somehow). That parade in Magic Kingdom with the snowglobes is not a good parade by any means, so if DLP's other parade was good...this oculd be a step down.


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              Re: New parades! New parades!

              That parade at the Magic Kingdom was a good parade, very suitable for the 100 Years of Magic celebration. But after being butchered and Frankensteined over the years, it isn't even a shadow of its former self.
              DLRP fans probably won't warm too much to this idea... but... if Euro Disney SCA is in fact being cheap, and recieving parades from two WDW parks... that means the Studios and the MK @ WDW are getting new parades! Sorry I'll go now...

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                Re: New parades! New parades!

                I think the advent of new parades at DLRP is a good thing. The floats used in the Wonderful World Of Disney parade are ancient and tired. Don't get me wrong, they were magnificent in their day, but are well past their best now, so I welcome the change.
                Likewise, I won't be too sad to see the Disney Cinema Parade bow out. The concept was sound enough, but the lack of budget and ambition were all too obvious. I don't know a lot about Stars and Motorcars, but from what I've heard, it sounds good.
                Roll on 2007!
                Originally posted by fizzog
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                  Re: New parades! New parades!

                  Merci Olivier mon pote.


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                    Re: New parades! New parades!

                    Another site, DLRP.FR has made some clarification (confirmed by the "Mr Entertainment" source) regarding this news.

                    The website says that a brand new parade has been approved for the 15th year of Disneyland Paris. To celebrate in style the Resort wants to do something unique. So the new parade will be brand new, not a refurbishment of an MK one. The only common element with the current MK Parade will be the concept of 2 themes per float.

                    Apparently the company making the framework of the floats has already received an order for 16 floats. Once the framework is finished the floats will be sent to another supplier for the dressing-up and finishing. There's a debate on this point, whether or not the floats will be "articulated", depending on how you read the info about 8 or 16 floats being commissioned.

                    The website carry on saying that the "Cinema Parade" may not actually be replaced because a) "sources involved with the parade are not aware of any changes", b) the Parade is still quite new, c) the MGM parade wouldn't really work in Paris because it is too dependant on weather being nice and dry. Apparently the MGM Parade is often cancelled when the weather is bad. Not sure if this point is very valid, because I would imagine that any parade would be affected by inclement weather

                    Sources (in french):


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                      Re: New parades! New parades!

                      Thanks for the summary (I tried BabelFish-ing it a couple of days ago and struggled through before my brain melted)

                      I think it's more likely that elements of thew Stars N Cars will be introduced into the Cinema parade or even the "Good Morning Studios" mini-event.

                      I like the idea of something unique in the Disneyland Park for the anniversary - looking forward to seeing it!

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                      Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."


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