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Paramount Park Murcia (spain)


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  • News Paramount Park Murcia (spain)


    Apparently they started with the basic works on Paramount Park Murcia. Competition for DLP...
    Here are some new concept arts and maps. (spanish)

    [Fitur 2014] Crónica de la visita: Paseo virtual 3D del Parque Paramount | Blog de

    Check out the Mission Impossible attration in Adventure city (top left)! A Siderman, Transformers kind of attraction
    Also the '' attraction is going to be something like the awaited Ratatouille attraction in DLP!


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    Re: Paramount Park Murcia (spain)

    Some nice renderings there. On that note, there is obviously a massive mountain to climb to get from conceptualizing to actualizing a top-level theme park.

    I'm recalling a great-looking rendering of the now defunct MGM Grand Adventures in Las Vegas:

    And then it was actualized:

    NewsPlusNotes: From The Vault: MGM Grand Adventures 1993 - Part 2

    Here's a similar Age of Sail Fortress, but designed and built at the highest level:

    Flickr: meanderingmouse's Photostream

    Not a fair comparison but the point being: imagine if that awesome overview painting of MGM Grand were micro-designed and built by the same team that created DisneySea (with a much bigger budget than MGM had). That's what interests me about Murcia (if it gets built)... will the integration, hyper-detail and theatricality all be there to make the park an international draw?

    Creating a Tier I theme park remains among the rarest of achievements. Only a handful exist on the planet and there is only one (likely) under construction at the moment (in Shanghai).
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      Re: Paramount Park Murcia (spain)

      Concept drawing always look bigger and better than the final product. They are used to market the product.
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        Re: Paramount Park Murcia (spain)

        Who on earth will go to Murcia?
        Rango's West... Better to name it The West. Who ever cared about Rango?!

        DLP can be calm. Look at Universal outside Barcelona and relax.


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