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Disneyland could not save Rui Pedro Mendonca


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  • [Other] Disneyland could not save Rui Pedro Mendonca

    If this post breaks the rules of Micechat in any way please remove it. It's not happy subject , but I hope people wont be offended by the reality in it.

    The reason for me to post it is that it brings up a topic that is international and involves tens of thousands persons around the world every day in one way or another. In this case it aslo has a bit to do with the best themepark in Europe, Disneyland.

    What people think of when they think about Disneyland is that it has high tech rides and detailed landscapes to enjoy. Disney also has a reputation of making their parks safe and fun for everybody. We have all heard about the coin in the soil that gets picked up during cleaning I'm sure.
    The security in one of the worlds most popular tourist destinations has to be top all the time everyday.

    In the 90's a boy in Portugal dissapeared when he was 11 years old. His name was Rui Pedro Mendonca. What happend to the boy was at the time uncertain. His parents were destroid by the fact that they didn't know where their child was.
    A while after he had dissapeared with out a trace someone found an article in Magazine called Cara. It was about Disneyland. In some of the pictures a sad looking boy could be seen. The boy was Rui Pedro Mendonca. He was also spotted in recordings made by tourists in the park riding different rides with a middle aged man.
    It became clear to Police that the security tapes in the park could help solve the mystery of the missing boy. The park authorieties where asked about the security tapes that could help bring the boy back to his family.
    But on that day the video security system of Disneyland did not work as it should. No recording was ever made.
    Rui Pedro Mendonca was never to be seen again.

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    Re: Disneyland could not save Rui Pedro Mendonca

    You say the 80s, but the "Missing Person" thing you posted says "Last seen in 1998". I'm confused now.


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      Re: Disneyland could not save Rui Pedro Mendonca



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        Re: Disneyland could not save Rui Pedro Mendonca

        So your point is? That Disneyland Paris are directly responsible for the fact that this little boy was never found? I think that's stretching somewhat. Yes, it MIGHT have been helpful if the CCTV footage had been available, but in fact other footage/photos DO exist and those didn't help.

        It seems a strange thing to bring up on this sort of forum really, especially 15 or 16 years after the event. Any correction in Disneyland's CCTV systems would have been made long ago, if they were needed. What else would you want them to do?


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          Re: Disneyland could not save Rui Pedro Mendonca

          Did I write that it's Disneylands fault that the boy wasn't found? Do I have to have a point to be on this forum?
          But if there would have been fotage perhaps the boys life could have been saved.

          I brought it up because it is still relevant and it has never been brought up here. There is no good fotage of the man that kiddnapped the boy. There could have been.
          By the way... it's not like the DLP forum is bustling of activity is it.

          If you like it or not this thread has to do with DLP. ...even if it belongs to the past.

          Welcome to the forum...
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