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Disneyland talent casting


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  • [Question] Disneyland talent casting

    Hi! I would like to hear about disney's talent casting. I'm 15 years old finnish girl and I would like to work in disneyland paris as a face-character at summer 2017. If anybody here has been in talent casting I would be happy to hear what do you do there and if I could have any chance to be chosen to work as a face-character. I'm 170 cm tall, kind a skinny, I have long blond hair, I have danced ballet my whole life (now 12 years) and performed in many many dance shows. I go to high school next autumn and I'm going to study french 3 years at there. Do you think I could have any possibilities?

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    Re: Disneyland talent casting

    Oh and my eyes are green, but I don't know does that matter


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      Re: Disneyland talent casting

      Try asking again on this very informative thread.
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        Re: Disneyland talent casting

        Maybe it's too late and you already solved your doubts but anyways ...
        Im also thinking about to start taking face character and character-parade auditions byt he end of 2016 or in 2017 (I will be 23-24). Mainly because I'm fixing my teeth, I want to improve my french and studies.
        What I think will favour those auditioning by then is that in 2017 euro disneyland will turn 25 so I guess there probably will be more shows, parades, meet and greats ... And so they will need extra cast members to portray characters. Good for us!!! Hahaha

        On the other hand you were asking about your chance. Well it depends on so many things. I know there are some tall princesses (like me, im 5'8-5'9) who got the part because of their grace, smile and because they were just right what auditioneers were thinking the princess they were looking for should look like.
        So even when Ive never been on a disney audition I know it depends on a set of so many interrelationed reasons: height, weight (even when they don't explicity say this but of course they have three, more or less, different sizes but if dress doesn't fits you they won't arrange it just for one actress), face (not if you are pretty or ugly but if you look like a disney princess, there are beautiful girls that didn't get the part just because they don't look neither like snow white, nor belle, or aurora ... And Ive seen some not so beautiful girls playing princess), you are what theya re looking for in the moment you do the audition (you maybe look like, for example, Snow White but they need Belle, Elsa and Rapunzel), grace and acting skills (the ability of improvisation is highly valued), dance (I heard about so many girls who were like making a fool with the dance but they got hired anyways just because they made fun of it and keep on going, see improvisation is so important... You will need it also if you get the part: guess what can happen if a little girl asks you something and you don't know what to answer... One of the things they tell you in your training week, I heard it from a former disney princess, is that you must keep on talking) ... Also it's important that you can speak french fluently if you would like to be a princess. What type of contract (partial or full time contract) is also important how many time you are able to work (think that there's a minimum of time... If they spend 1 or 2 weeks on your training, more or less I dont know ... And then you can only work two months it doesn't worth for them to hire you ... As they will need another person and the time to train that actress). In he parks overseas there a College Program for those type of cast members who are students and want to work at the park on summer, halloween season etc.

        know that even if you are face character you will probably also play fur character and/or parade character (you know those character-dancers that have no concrete identity). And you will probably work as character holder, escorting other characters (who else better to take care of a character than other character who knows what it is like).

        well well Im writing a lot hahaha
        I think it doesn't matter too much on your eye colour. I know there are for Snow Whites with brown eyes and with blue eyes ... Also once I saw a princess jasmine that looked like she was wearing blue eye contact lenses (her blue eyes were so weird that was they called my attention). Hair colour doesn't matter at all ... Princesses wear wigs so ...

        well anything else ... We keep on touch
        as I told you Ive never auditioned to disney but Ive been looking for so many information about it ...
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