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    For those of you who can read French - the official site for the new Disney Village balloon ride attraction has appeared.

    The ride itself looks beautiful - though obviously the weather will play a big part. (duh)
    If anyone gets chance to translate it, please post any interesting info!

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    They were doing test flights with the balloon on Monday when I was there. Without guests of course... It does go up pretty high. Personally, I don't think I would care to fly on it..I am afraid of heights.

    The french captions say...roughly "From April 9th, 2005, as the year of Jules Verne is about to begin, the greatest balloon ride in the World will be opening at the Disney Village (at DLP). Guests will be able to take flight and look down from the sky at the incredible scenery of DLP and surrounding areas."

    It is my understanding that this year is the centennial of the passing of Jules Verne, so this ride is in commemoration of that historic event I guess...
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      Wow.. (a little too high I might add form the photos I have seen..)


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        When the balloon is at its uppermost height, it can even be seen from the middle of Fantasyland! I have to admit it looks great from inside the park. Strolling down Main Street, or wandering around Alice's Curious Labrynth and seeing this hot air balloon hovering over everything... A very nice touch.
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