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My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!


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  • My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

    Hi Folks!

    I just returned yesterday from a 9 day trip to Germany and France. It feels like I was gone longer than that!

    Our visit to DLP began Friday , March 3rd. My husband , daughter and I left Heidelberg, Germany in the small car we'd rented at 8 pm. It was snowing so hard on the highway between the borders of Germany and France that it took us two hours longer to get there than the five hours it was supposed to take. Even despite the late hours and the snow, we loved driving there and seeing the various sites along the way and stopping at some of the rest stops. One of our favorite things was putting euros in the machines for the coffee, soup, etc. The cappucinos and Knorr's soup were delicious. We also liked getting baguettes and cheese for snacks , though we always forget which cheese is which. We got some excellent blue cheese which we put on a sald. But we made the mistake of getting some camembert...more about that later! My husband was happy too because there were lots of kinder eggs to be found....they are chocolate on the outside and have a prize on the inside....they'e not allowed in the US because the toys are choking size! We now have a collection of miniature men! LOL

    When we got to the Disneyland Holiday Inn it was 3 am. It was very easy to find and looked exactly like the pictures on the internet....yay! The lobby was HUGE and had a circus theme . There was also a large arcade, a small gift shop and a pool and gym on the ground level. All were very nice looking! We went up to our room and were just delighted by all the circus details. The full length mirror had clown feet on it, the sitting stools looked like the kind of stools that elephants stand on, and the bunk bed area was the best. It had two large matresses on the bunks and then a curtain that looked like a big top tent that wrapped around it and gave both the kids and adults privacy. The kids even had their own tv and lighting system. The queen bed for the adults was very comfy. They also had a nice armoire and lots of drawers for all the clothing. And they provided a hot water pot, coffee and tea. The bathroom was also was big and bright and had very modern plumbing so the shower was great and the shower curtain was bright red with stars on it keeping with the circus theme. We thought it was a very good deal for only $79 a night on a Friday and Saturday!

    We went to bed as soon as we could and then woke up about five hours later which was 9 am to a horrible smell. It was the camembert cheese which we had brought in from the car! We quickly got it out of the room by tossing it in a garbage can outside , but later even that smelled horrible when we walked by it! We love French cheese but not that kind! LOL

    I looked out the window into the beautiful courtyard and then opened the window to see what the temperature was like, It was bitterly cold so we dressed in long underwear, wool socks, sweaters, wool pants, wool coats and hats and gloves and we were still cold later in the day whenever we were outside! The people who live there are used to it, but we were wimps! We took the shuttle which is hot pink to the resort and train station which is right there. It was less than a five minute drive. My niece was coming to meet us by train from her exchange family's home which is 3 hours southwest of Paris. We were a little early so we went into the cafe at the train station and had cappacinos, apple juice , and ham and cheese baguette sandwiches for breakfast....yummy! Her train was delayed so we walked around the station taking a lot of pictures. I think we were making the guards with guns a little nervous because they walked by us a few times to check us out. They made me a little nervous with their guns! That's something you don't see in Disneyland in Anaheim!

    When my niece arrived we were so happy to see her. We went back to the hotel so she could drop off her bags then we turned around and went right back to DL. Another thing that's really different about DLP is all the wide open space. There is the actual resort and then a big circular street around it with all the non-Disney hotels, but there just seems to be so much space even height wise because nothing stands that tall around there. And there wasn't much traffic at all because so many people take the train to get there.

    Instead of DTD, they have what's called The Disney Village and then two parcs. We went into the Disneyland parc. The bag check entrance looked exactly the same and had the same procedure. But the actual entrance was quite different. The Mickey face with flowers was before you went through the ticket windows so we stopped there to take some pictures. Then we bought our tickets and entered Main Street! The first thing we noticed was that it was much bigger, wider and taller than Anaheim. And it had some kind of seasonal (I think) carnival theme going! And there were lots of funny little statues here and there. Just so much to take in all at once!

    We decided to head toward Tomorrowland first. We saw the rockets right away. Then we saw the Buzz Lightyear ride which was under construction. Then we saw the HUGE Hyperion theater. There was an advertisement on it for The Lion King so we decided to inside. We bought lunch....hamburgers, fries and soda ....and then found seats for the show. It was pretty good! We loved that the actors spoke their lines in French but then sang the songs in English but with a little bit of an accent still. My niece and I were singing along with them for fun and no one minded!

    Next we went on the Star Wars ride. We thought it was really cool that they had the giant space vehicle (can't think of the real name of it) right in front of the attraction. We also like that the ride had a few added scenes in it. The not good thing we noticed was that the seats were really shabby and worn out. They definitely need to be refurbished.

    When we came off the ride , we checked out one of the stands to see what kinds of things they were selling....they had lots of hats, scarves, mittens etc. It just seemed so odd to be dressed like we were going skiing when we were in DL!!

    We saw the Space Mountain ride and the line was long so we got fast passes for it. We had NO idea that it wasn't the same ride as the Space Mountain in Anaheim. More about that later!

    We decided to head toward Fantasyland next. The castle area is so different, mainly in that it's a lot bigger and extends more out to the sides. The stage and amphitheater area to the right of the main entrance are really pretty . We wished there was a show going that day but there wasn't. And we looked to see if there were any swans in the moat bit of course there weren't or they would have frozen to death. We headed up the path to go inside the castle. That was my favorite thing.....all the beautiful chandaliers and all the stained glass windows telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. It was so pretty! And it was so neat too be able to stand on the balcony of the castle and look into the courtyard! We were in the castle for a long time.

    When we came out of the castle we checked out their version of the "Once Upon a Time" store. They had tons of costumes for girls and boys , but no one really seemed to be buying them and even if they had they couldn't have worn them that day because it was too cold. That is one thing I love about Anaheim ....seeing all the little kids who dress up when they go. I also love seeing all the characters in Anaheim. The only character we saw the whole day was Mickey!

    The rides in Fantasyland all seemed bigger than the ones in Anaheim and they were very well done with lots of pretty colors...very French! We didn't go on any of the rides because the lines were too long and we wanted to look at everything more than wait! The front of "It's A Small World" was gorgeous! The Alice in Wonderland labyrinth was a total surprise to us. We decided to walk through that which took a while and was a lot of fun. We loved all the characters , especially the centipede smoking and the real smoke coming out of his pipe! And the cheshire cat on the hillside was awesome. The only thing that wasn't good was that up close you could see a lot of cracks and chips and other wear and made us reall aprreciate how nice everything in Anaheim is due to the 5oth anniversary celebration.

    We decided to get some snacks after that. First I bought some colored cotton candy. We had a heck of a time trying to figure out how to get the container opened! LOL The pink tasted like regular cotton candy, the yellow tasted like banana, and I have no ideas what the blue tasted like! We also bought a waffle with whip cream. That was yummy! Then we decided we needed coffee and hot chocolate and we just happened to be right next to Mr. Toad's. We were surprised that instead of being a ride , it was a restaurant. The atmosphere inside was really neat...kind of like an English pub....and we enjoyed sitting there drinking our hot drinks and getting warm!!

    That's all I'm going to write for tonight! It's getting late and I have to look at the map and figure out what we did next from there!
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    Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

    Fun.. I'm Jelous...


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      Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

      totally cool!! I am loving the report!!
      more more))))))))))

      ( Now the Pictures Please))))))))))


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        Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

        pictures up woman!!!! forget that jet lag, get with it!!!!

        (seriously though...glad you're all home safe from your wonderful trip!) u ready for mac??? :-)


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          Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

          Great report PB, can't wait to hear more!


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            Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

            Great Trip Report! Keep it coming!

            I think that is your husband with you in your avatar and he looks EXACTLY like Wesley. Weird!


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              Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

              Did you ride Phantom Manor?

              Man what a cliff hanger you put us on by saying that Space Mountain is different but yet you did not spill the juice on its differences yet. Or did I just miss it? Silly you :lol:.


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                Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

                Want to hear about your trip on Space......So jealous of theirs compared to ours!
                Mom, remember, it's not what a person is like on the outside that counts,
                it's what they are like in their HEART!

                - Wolfette


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                  Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

                  Wooo Hoooo!!! Trip Report, :yea: Rock on.

                  It wasn't me, it was Lisa! :angel:


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                    Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

                    Tick Tock Tick Tock


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                      Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

                      taps feet........ walks and paces......... come on already!!!! More I tell you more!!!!!!!


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                        Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

                        Okay folks. Here are the pictures that go with the first part of my trip report!


                        I will continue to write more and post more pictures!


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                          Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

                          Thank you so much for sharing.
                          It sounds like you had an amazing journey filled with lots of happy memories.

                          Glad you made it home safe and sound, and hope you can spend the weekend getting caught up on your sleep!!


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                            Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

                            Thank your for your trip report and photos!!!


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                              Re: My first ever trip to Disneyland Paris!

                     that I've gone through the hundreds of pictures we took on this trip, I can remember what we did next!

                              It was time to use our fast passes for Space Mountain so we headed back to Tomorrowland and got in the fast pass line. Like I said before, we had no idea that this ride was not the same as the one in Anaheim so I was a little nervous about going on it since the one in Anaheim literally makes me green. But walking through the queue we started noticing it was totally different. It looked more like a train station and when we got to the platform it reminded us of the Screamin' platform. Then we noticed that the seats were the kind they have on rides that go upside down. We strapped in and took off and all I can say is....

                              BEST DISNEY RIDE EVER!!!!

                              It was like do Screamin' but in the dark and with all kinds of cool effects .....especially the red swirly corkscrew tunnel! It was just such an awesome ride! When we got off we wanted to go back on right away again , but the line was really long so we got fast passes again!

                              We had kind of been dragging from being cold and tired , but that ride totally energized us!!!

                              We went over to Frontierland next. As we were heading that direction the parade on Main Street was just about to start. The music lyrics were in English and it was a really cute song. I wanted to stay and watch but got out-voted so we kept going! I was totally impressed with what a good job they did on the buildings in really was like walking through an old western town and it smelled a steak barbecue! We wanted to go on Thunder Mountain but it had an 80 minute wait. Then we walked over to Phantom Manor and it also had an 80 minute wait so we decided we'd come back to both rides later. The Phantom manor looked totally creepy , especially since it was such an overcast day!

                              We headed to Adventureland after that. My daughter Courtney would have loved the entrance since it was the town of Agrabah and had the Aladdin walk through. That was a lot of fun walking through that and looking at all the different scenes although it would have been better if they had been in the order that they happened in the story! And there was one scene where the genie smoke just looked like a big blob of cotton. But we really liked the walk through overall and took lots of pictures of it. We also liked looking in the shops there.

                              The next ride we decided to look for was the Indiana Jones ride. It was totally different than the one in Anaheim. Walking through the queue felt like being in the jungle. And the ride was above ground in what looked like old rickety mining carts instead of jeeps. The ride was kind of like the Mulholland Madness ride at DCA only it actually went upside down twice. It was a really short ride but very fun!

                              We went to Adventure Isle next. That was a lot of fun going in the caves and walking across the plank bridges. My niece and daughter got it bouncing really high and I laughed because it made the French guy in front of us fly up in the air and he said "Uffff" or something like that! LOL

                              I loved that they had the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse and it was different than the old one in Anaheim mostly because it was a different kind of tree!! We also went by the Pirate's beach. That was really neat looking with the ship and the skull rock.

                              When we passed it , we finally figured out where the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was. That is one of the major attractions there and they move a lot of people through there in a short time. The CM's had really cool costumes and the ride itself was fantastic. It had the same musty smell as the one in Anaheim, but everything was in a different order so we weren't sure what we'd see around each corner. And the ascents and descents were much longer and steeper. I looked to see if they had my favorite pirate (the one I call my boyfriend and Lori Beth calls Axle Rose) but it was a different pirate driving the boat!! LOL They have their own version of the Blue Bayou restaurant too...but it was more like a sandy palm beach than a Louisiana city. And they take pictures of the passengers going down the steep hill. They have a huge store at the end of the ride with a great selection of souvenirs.

                              It was time to go on Space Mountain again so we headed back in that direction. On the way out of Adventureland, we happened to see the Hakuna Mattata restaurant and instantly thought of Hakuna Makarla so we took a few pictures just for her.

                              Then we went back to Tomorrowland and got in the fast pass line for Space Mountain. It was even better the second time because we requested the front row car so it felt faster!! They take your picture on that ride too but we didn't buy it.

                              It was about 6 pm by this time and our feet were killing us from walking all over the place and we were hungry so we decided to head out of the park and over to the Disney Village.

                              We went inside Planet Hollywood and it was crowded but there was no wait so we decided to eat dinner there. The atmosphere was really fun and the food was great....and big portions for a decent price. We had a really good waiter too!

                              When we finished dinner we went over to the World of Disney Store. It was about 8pm by this time and the parks had just closed so the store was an absolute zoo. We each wanted to get one small thing that said Disneyland Paris on it so Ken and my niece got pins, Tiffany got a Donald Duck pen, and I got two with Space Mountain on it and one with the castle on it since those were my two favorite things.

                              We would have liked to have gone on more rides, but we were really pretty happy with everything we did and just mostly enjoyed taking it all in for the first time.

                              We caught the shuttle back to the hotel and that's when the punchiness and silliness kicked in ....hee hee hee. We took a lot of pictures of the girls goofing around in the hotel room and then we finally settled down and went to bed since we wanted to be rested for going into the centre of Paris the next day!!

                              Time for me to go put together set number two of pictures......


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