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  • Favourite Ride

    So what's your favourite ride in Disneyland and do you have any traditions when you go to the park?

    My favourite ride is Pirates of the Caribbean. Whenever we go to Disneyland its the first ride we go on and the cast members always let us go on it again without queing up

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    Re: Favourite Ride

    pirates or phantom.
    normally when i get there, phantom, thunder, pirates, nautilus then im happy and i look at the watch.

    the faviourite used to be space, USED to be......
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      Re: Favourite Ride

      haunted mansion

      well traditions i spot out hidden mickeys but ithink lots of people do that
      plus toss us a rool we might not sourvie at pirates past blubayoa oh and show off and trade my pins


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        Re: Favourite Ride

        I think my favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain.

        Traditions? When in the park on the first day we always head for Fantasyland first and go on the darkrides. That really gives me a Disney-feeling!
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          Re: Favourite Ride

          My favorite ride is Big Thunder Mountain too. It's just perfect!)


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            Re: Favourite Ride

            ^I have to agree, Olivier. The best Thunder of them all. Well I've only ridden two but I can pretend to be an expert ok! It's not like I'm the only one around here .

            Also, I love Peter Pan's Flight. I don't go wild over the one at the Magic Kingdom though, I just think Disneyland Paris' has extra pixie dust.

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