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WDS: what would you do !?


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  • WDS: what would you do !?

    With the Toon Studios and ToT coming up, there will be more to do in the Studio's. And now with the new Monsters Inc. location they are adding eye-candy as well. But is there enough to do/see besides the attractions? Clearly not! What would you add or change in the Studios to make it more of a Disney park?
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    Re: WDS: what would you do !?

    Personally, what I really like about the Disneyland Park and miss in the Studios is water. Every themed land in DLP has some lake or a small river, even Discoveryland has it's lagoon. So I would go for more water in WDS. What about a large canal through the Studio's with small bridges connecting different parts of the park. Or a small lake somewhere with a nice fountain in the middle. Even a nice (big) fountain somewhere will help a lot I guess. Other suggestions?
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      Re: WDS: what would you do !?

      personally, shut the place down for a year for a major rehaul, re work everything the other side of studio one, rip up all pavements and retheme the entire park, it dosent work at all, we carnt even pretend it does. water is a cool idea, but instead of the park in a desolate studio motif go with a park within a studio motif, and use sets that you explore, kinda like universal orlando ish. have more moving objects within the park, things to see outside of rides, better places to eat. oh, and add the muppets.

      the studios isnt a lost case, it just needs someone to stand up and say "we screwed up, this is crap -- sorry, let us put it right" which will never happen. its insane not talking about rides but, its the best park for themeing and design ever built (just, animal kingdom close second) next to the very worst.
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        Re: WDS: what would you do !?

        Most importantly I'd put a new Special F/X show between Television Studios and Cinemagic. I was originally thinking a Stitch show till I saw the one in WDW. So I'd say some form of Alien Encounter.

        A Monster's Inc dark ride by Animagique and Toon Studios.

        Move the tram tour station, build a hub with a fountain, and a new street going back behind it with the tram station now on the right of that street. Open up and expand the London Street Sets, get rid of that stupid Reign of Fire look and make it realistic. Get back the rights to 007 and put a 007 ride in there.

        Make a connection from the new hub to Toon Studios, add something Muppets along there. Go back off the new street behind M...A! and add a new lake with Fantasmic!. Add realistic City sets to the exterior of M...A! and RnRC and a small fountain or water over there...and somewhere add a ride about all movies in general. This is a "studio" after all.


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          Re: WDS: what would you do !?

          I just made this up on the fly btw so it is expensive and probably not the best plan.


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            Re: WDS: what would you do !?

            I think it should be modelled more on a Hollywood, working, breathing film studio. More Streetmosphere characters walking around, more interactive objects, more Disney Details that we know and love, just a breath a bit of life into the place. It is so industrial. It needs charm, a richness that has made the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts name.

            It needs night-time entertainment, more original attractions, it needs to make its name as its own theme park. I tell you what Euro Disney SCA and WDI should do - make the park good enough for a French family of DLRP annual passholders to say to eachother "Shall we go to the Walt Disney Studios today?" Not, "Shall we go to Disneyland today, and maybe go to the Studios when the good park gets too busy?"

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