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From the Earth to the Moon

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  • From the Earth to the Moon

    sorry about creating ANOTHER Space Mountain thread, but I have been creating my own Space Mountain on RCT3 which takes elements from SMM2, From the Earth to the Moon and some of my own ideas (which are still a safely guarded secret).

    I was wondering If anyone knows where I can find the soundtrack of FTETTM which was not recorded live, without people screaming and without the opening speil (basically an MP3/WMA of the version on DLRP History site).

    Also, so I can show some shots of the final product, how do I paste pics onto this thread from my home PC, without having to fill in a URL.

    (Off topic: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE someone tell me how to set up polls)

    Thanks all ---------Scorchio

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    Re: From the Earth to the Moon

    For pictures, I use , and for polls, just hit the "Poll" button on top of the box you type in your post.
    As for the music, several people have pposted clean MP3 of the music. Good luck with that.


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      Re: From the Earth to the Moon

      I have it an found it on maybe it's still there. Otherwise, let me know. I can send it to you by e-mail (it shouldn't be too heavy)
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        Re: From the Earth to the Moon

        Thanks for the help
        oh well, at least I know a version of it exists!


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          Re: From the Earth to the Moon

          I've just put the studio recording of the Space Mountain: de la Terre a la Lune ride soundtrack and a bit of queue music online; details are on the Space Mountain Music thread on the HKDL forum.

          A direct link to the MP3 of the ride soundtrack is here.

          Please keep us updated with your model and show us some pics/vids.
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