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DLRP, what would you put in??


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  • DLRP, what would you put in??

    Well, it seems that my last thread "WDS, what would you put in" really got a lot of you thinking, all the replies were great, loved reading them.

    So i now put it to you, what would you put in the rest of the resort, rides in the Disneyland park, new restaurants, shops, attractions in the Disney Village or even a design for a new hotel.

    The possibilities are endless, let your imagination go wild.

    One more thing, money, attendance and all that other stuff is not an issue, its just what you think would be good, how you think the spaces available could be used, what you would love to see..... in an ideal world.

    Lets have some fun!!!!
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    Re: DLRP, what would you put in??

    Another ride in Discoveryland. One without a movie tie-in or that distances itself from the original Discoveryland theme. Maybe a TDS ride (JTTCoTE or 20K). Or A new film starring Timekeeper and Nine-Eye, I know they just got rid of the Circle-Vision, but maybe they could build a new one out of the 3d theater, to feature a new story. Totally different to the old one. Or maybe have characters in a different format, maybe inthe style of Soarin', and have Timekeeper have a new Timetravel device. Just my thought, as that whole attraction was such a good fit into the land.

    Fantasyland, the two Beatuy and the Beast and Little Mermaid attractions..
    Frontierland could maybe get a new attraction
    Adventureland get that jungle jeep expedition ride or Indiana Jones indoor ride like DL/TDS

    A Mickey's Toontown, or should it be left to the studios...


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      Re: DLRP, what would you put in??

      Originally posted by EurodisneyFan

      Lets have some fun!!!!

      1) Tibetan Village (a la Everest expedition) between Frontierland and Pirates
      2) Indiana Jones and the Everest Expedition, mountain with EMV "jeeps"
      2) Adventureland Train Station
      3) Upgrade Indy Temple coaster (cover, less hectic ride, more story)

      1) New Star tours movie
      2) New 3D/4D movie (bye HISTA)
      3) Streetmosphere

      1) Restore Lucky Nugget -show, remove buffet service.

      Main Street
      1) More Streetmosphere

      1) Mermaid lagoon


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        Re: DLRP, what would you put in??

        I would go for
        1) The little Mermaid (Fantasyland)
        2) Beauty and the Beast (Fantasyland)
        3) Splash Mountain (Frontierland)
        4) Jungle Trip (Adventureland)


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          Re: DLRP, what would you put in??

          The next big attraction needs to be an updated "Splash Mountain".

          "I'm surrounded by idiots"


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            Re: DLRP, what would you put in??

            Yeah...splash mountain would be good.....ive only ever been on it once but it was really good!

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              Re: DLRP, what would you put in??

              Well, Splash Mountain would be a very good idea if it was not so cold over there.

              I would go for an Indiana Jones ride for Adventureland (we have been waiting for that one since the coaster was build), work on Colonel Hathi's Pizza Outpost and make it a restaurant/Tiki Room with a show every 30 minutes (like a Rainforest Caf&#233;&#233.

              For Discoveryland, change Star Tours (too old) but keep the Star Wars theme, get rid of the painfully old "Ch&#233;rie, j'ai r&#233;tr&#233;ci le public" by something really new (and why not a Star Wars Attraction?), add the TDL attraction "Journey to the center of the Earth", bring back Space Mountain 1 and make the ride smoother.

              For Frontierland, bring back the canoes which were a lot of fun. Scrap the Critter Coral and add a really good ride here: BTM is still extremely popular because it is the ONLY real family Roller Coaster in both parks ( I still do not understand why nobody has realized that yet).

              For Fantasyland, I really like it the way it is. Maybe replace Snow White with another dark ride.... Add Fantasmic in the back but the Disneyland version, not the Disneyworld one: I would not build a huge theater for example but make the experience a bit more personal by setting it in a village (like the Beauty and the Beast one) next to a lake so that people can just sit a little bit everywhere.

              Here it is...


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                Re: DLRP, what would you put in??

                Damn, submitted post early!
                1. Re-do discoveryland
                a. Space Mountain - keep SMM2 projections, but add old music and add moon again
                b. HISTA - Bye, Bye mice and snakes, hello TIMEKEEPER 3D!
                c. Bye, bye Autopia, hello JTTCOTE!

                2. Western River Expedition overlay for Splash tracks

                3. Demolish Indiana Jones and the temple of Peril and add a jeep-based Jungle cruise.

                4. Add an Alladin dark ride in Adventureland.

                5. Mr Toad's wild ride, BUT using the technology in Roger Rabbit's cartoon spin (TDL, DL)


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                  Re: DLRP, what would you put in??

                  Love all the ideas above.
                  Discovery Mountain/Mt Prometheus, Timekeeper 3D, Indy, WRE, Beauty & Beast, Little Mermaid.
                  But if I could add one I'd like to see The Dragons Tower from DAK's original plans in behind The Fantasyland Theatre, just outside the tracks.
                  I think that seeing the crooked tower out in the distance behind the castle would look great. Perhaps with an enchanted type of forest to walk through to get to it.


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