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DLP Merchandise


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  • DLP Merchandise

    Does anyone know where I can purchase DLP merchandise online? anywhere other than eBay?
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    Well I thought there was an official DLP Online Store, but I can't find it.

    I have asked a friend and he will know if one exists.

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      I know if they is a certain item in pacticular your after you can contact the resort though E-mail and they be more then happy to send the item to you at a cost.But just to warn you it does take time for them to reply.The address is below.
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        so nothing online eh?
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          Not good news I'm afraid.

          There was some very limited items available online but only to the Disney Shareholders Club members (that is the bit remembered)

          All can suggest is you contact the resort direct and ask if they can mail something if you know what you want.

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            DLRP offers a mail order service.
            You can write to ask if they have what you're looking for. I used this service and it worked quite good.

            The problem is that there's no catalogue and no online shopping cart either. You just write a mail with what you're looking for, your credit card number and that's it. It's a good service, but I don't feel quite comfortable in sending my credit card information in an email.
            I used the DLRP mail order service a few times and was billed twice for the same item once. They solved the problem very quickly but, since then I haven't used it anymore.

            Be prepared also to deal with cast member who might not be able to write in correct English.
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              thanks for the info.... doesnt this disturb anyone else? that you cannot buy specifics from each resort/park online? i think this would be invaluable to disney, becuase there are many tourists who cannot afford all of the items they would LIKE to purchase while on their trip, but I am sure would purchase once they got back from their trip (IE a future present for someone?)

              thoughts? Opinions?
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                I was more disturbed by the lack of Disneyland Paris branded merchandise at the actual park itself. I was going to buy something really nice but I didn't find anything I liked. I ended up with a shirt and a English/French tour book. It seemed like 90% of what they sold at the park was already available at Disneyland.

                I'm not a pin collector so none of that really rocked my world. I keep checking Ebay for something exciting but I'm just not finding anything. I'd be willing to order something through the mail order service if I could find something I thought was cool. If anyone knows of a place to even look at some Disneyland Paris merchandise I'd be happy at this point.


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