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Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?


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  • Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

    I know alot of people talk about wanting Indiana Jones Adventure at the Paris park, (this post is based on me presuming that a copy of DLR's, TDR's or an original jeepy templey thing is what people want), but to be honest, I think the park could do so much better. I mean, I'm sure everyone that watched Temple of Doom though, 'wow, that'd make a great roller coaster', and I think it would, but it just so happens that potential was wasted on a quick-fix.

    Now for some armchair imagineering,(sorry if I say that alot, I love that phrase). Peril would be demolished and the 'India' section of Adventureland expanded, alot! A new coaster would stand on Peril's site and beyond. Manufactured by Intamin, (normally smooth coaster company).

    The pre-show would be a pair of miners uncovering a secret chamber. We only see glimpses of the room with their flaming torches. It is then that the room starts to light up with what seems like fire, but we only see it flickering on their faces. It then cuts to a wideshot of the site, with screams echoing all around. Then the site foreman instructs his men to contact Indiana Jones due to his expertese in the field of archaeology. He arrives on the scene and the story, (greatly exaggerated), is told to him. He then says, 'How do I find this chamber'. And then a man says, 'There is only one way down'. A shot of a mine cart appears - what a set up for the ride lol. This is of course only a rough outline of the pre-show, which is shown by a projector in one of the camp tents before boarding.

    People would travel in mine carts as close to the ones on Doom as possible, each seating 4 with lap bars. There would be 3 or 4 carts per train. After the lift hill, the train would do some huge, sweeping turns around the ruin, under bridges and through mist etc, then the carts would thunder into a mine opening into a rocky tunnel, VERY reminiscent of the tunnels in Doom. They would be dimly lit and highly detailed. After going over a couple of lava lakes, (the majority of tunnel stuff would take place in a warehouse round the back), the mine cart slows till it approaches a spot where the rock wall has been mined through to reveal and ancient chamber.

    The car would still be going at quite a speed as it entered the chamber, though slow enough to take in the intricate detailing. Huge statues would coat the side walls, and at the end would lie a huge carved head, (the whole room would have fire and water effects galore). The mine cart would then hurtle towards the flaming mouth of the head, but the fire would part just as it went through. Then SFX would create a 'Flaming Tunnel' effect, and it would be a HOT tunnel! Then the cart would burst out of the mine and back into the outdoor ruins, After a couple of turns, it would be back at the station. The attraction name? Indiana Jones Adventure : The Temple of Fire.

    You wonder what the 'Adventure' is doing there? Well, I think all Indiana Jones attractions, including even Temple du Peril, should be rebranded 'Indiana Jones Adventure', and then have a subtitle. This sort of links them, and sets up the idea of a series of different adventures literally all around the world.

    And now for the immortal question...waddayathink?

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    Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

    Great idea....

    Close to my A.C.I.-idea..

    just imagine.... you board the coaster in a normal fashion at the same station you do now, you glide out the loading dock and start you ascend using the regular lifthill everybody who's visited DLRP knows...

    at the top of the lifthill, instead of taking a right turn, you go straight into a dark and overgrown tunnel....

    here's where some Mission Everest techniques and Indy's Adventure styles start to take over the ride....

    you dive in a circle towards a lavapit, banked....
    then through another demonface like gate/hole in the wall you arive in a large cavelikehall with tracks all over the place, even some fake ones that have broken off...
    through another set of dark caves, you come to a point where Indy is standing at a switchtrack.... as you pass him, and slowly go up, you notice the large boulder coming towards you, as you start to roll back, indy changes the switchtrack just in time and you barely make it out of the boulders way, you pass the large hall again only to come in another fine mess....

    the tunnel you have now entered is about to be flooded, and the water is moving slightly faster as your cart is going.... (projection on fog screens)

    as gravity takes over, you start to lose speed and water is gaining fast...
    you exit the building on a defunct piece of track, looking towards a rock wall... the water bursts out some pilars through the side of this wall, and some out of the hole you've just exited.... as soon as the water clears (in a matter of seconds) you start to move forward, and through some scary tunnels with molaram-sacrifices you come through the large hall again (seeing the next riders right beside you on the other track, you were on earlier)....

    you exit the building and are lifted up again over a rikity (spelling??) bridge, with indy across from it on the cliff side being shot at with bow and arrow.... at your left a lovely waterfall and crocodiles below...

    after the lift hill you make a turn and are back at the original track, finishing the ride the way it is now.

    the thing I like most is that it could be built without the ride being closed, and when the new part is finished, they would only have to connect the two tracks, making the actual closure of the ride as short as 1 or 2 months, since they would still have to test it.

    now mix you ideas with mine, and I'm sure it would be a winner...


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      Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

      Well, Temple of Peril right now is an Intamin coaster. Another coaster in a building for DLP? That would only be the 4th in the resort! Capacity for a single 4 person car ride would be terrible as well.

      The jeep ride is unique to Europe, has great capacity and would pack up the park like Space Mountain did originally.


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        Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

        Originally posted by fizzog View Post
        A new coaster would stand on Peril's site and beyond. Manufactured by Intamin, (normally smooth coaster company).
        Intamin did the current coaster. It's not always the's the design too.


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          Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

          I know Intamin made it, that's why I said 'usually smooth'. I mean it's not the most graceful coaster out there lol


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            Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

            Haha, well that is because it was based off a non-Intamin design. A Pinfari I believe.


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              Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

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                Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

                That always baffled me. Wasn't it a German travelling fair coaster they based it off? I mean, I know it was a quick fix, but surely there were better off-the-shelf coasters to choose from? There was always the option of the most off-the-shelf coaster in the world, the Vekoma boomerang! lol


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                  Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

                  I see it now:

                  Coming to DCA & WDSP in '10: Expedition Everest
                  WDI has refined it's design, it's now with a boomerang layout. Whuhaahaha.......

                  As for the IJ coaster. I'd say it would definately not hurt to have a longer ride but how about a family ride?
                  - Horizonsfan


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                    Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

                    Oh. My. God.

                    I don't ever want to see a Vekoma it Inverted, Normal or Deja Vu style in a Disney park.


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                      Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

                      I was kidding....If I saw a boomerang at disney, my head might explode.

                      (I've got to get better at my online sarcasism..)
                      - Horizonsfan


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                        Re: Indiana Jones Adventure - Couldn't we do better?

                        Very good ideas and concepts except that Disneyland Paris has already too many rides for young adult and not enough for the whole family.

                        For example, my mum will not go on Space Mountain, Rock'n Roll Coaster, Indiana Jones and the Twilight Tower of Terror (she went to Orlando too). It is the same problem with my nephew (7 years old). They did Dinosaur in Animal Kingdom though and loved it.

                        Disney has to take into account all their customers and I really think that Indiana Jones Adventure is really the best choice (the Tokyo version would be better but I am not that picky). Of course a brand new ride, especially designed for Paris would be great but I do not think they have the money for it...


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