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What is your plan of action?


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  • What is your plan of action?

    So, in case the park is packed when I get there, or just out of curiosity, what is the order that you guys usually follow when visiting the park?

    Do you go straight to the castle? Go left or right? Which attractions do you visit first?

    I'm asking just to have some back up from experts, maybe it is more impressive to see some things first better than others....

    Also, how many people can the park hold? (Hope I don't get to see that, he he...)

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    Re: What is your plan of action?

    It holds quite a few people, probably more than any other Disneyland-style park, though there are fewer E-tickets to entertain them. As a result you won't soon encounter a New Orleans Square-type bottleneck but the line for, say, Big Thunder Mountain will reach farther than you might hope.

    As for the order... Slightly random, but I suppose the exploring the castle makes a nice first impression? I'm not sure why, but it works for me. It's usually followed by Pirates because by the time you've reached the castle you'll be wanting to sit down in a comfortable place unscathed by the weather.


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      Re: What is your plan of action?

      That's true about the number of E-tickets, never thought of that before.

      The funny thing is, if it really is that cold, why would people want to ride BTM or Indiana Jones? Wouldn't it be colder, even freezing, to go full speed on those temperatures? Just a thought


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        Re: What is your plan of action?

        Ok Actually if the park is Packed just try to get a Fast Pass to Space Mountain or Big Thunder . Try Big Thunder first because their average of the FP tickets a very limited .

        After Getting a Fast Pass at Big Thunder go to Phantom Manor . This ride has a High Capacity so don't worry if you see an hour wait that means the park is block out or very very busy .

        Then take the tiverboat the Mark Twain around the Big Thunder Island . It's a Disneyland Paris Classic but it's still fun to do it .

        And then ok depends what time is it . French People or Europeans eats generally at 12pm try to eat at 11am or after 2pm cause it's the Rush Hours at the Restaurant . Depends on your budget if you want a nice DLP Restaurant to straight to Walt's or Blue Lagoon . If you guys want to eat very quickly go to every Fast Food except Hyperion on the Rush Hour because it's really Packed .

        After your Lunch aroun midday go to Discoveryland and try to get a Fast Pass to Space Mountain and then go to Star Tours . The Ride Capacity of Star Tours is very important so you can try to ride it or if your familiar to you because you're from California and you're a DL AP it's still fun to ride on it in French .

        Then if the Park is really really Packed and you got a Hopper Pass go to the Studios. The Walt Disney Studios are less crowded than Disneyland Park because due to it's bad reputation people don't go there except if it's already include in their package .

        At the WDS the must see are The Stunt Show , Armaggeddon Tram Tour , Rock'n Roller Coaster and my favourite Cinemagique . Then Around 5pm try to go back to DL Park and Ride on Space Mountain or Big Thunder then go to Pirates of the Carribean and Indiana Jones . Fantasyland you can try to ride on most of the rides on the last two hours before the park close and then the last hour try to ride your most favourite ride .

        I Forgot to mention that Disneyland Paris is full of details also take your time . Walk everywhere it's possible even on the Dragon's Cave '' La Taniere du Dragon '' and even if it's packed try to make you day more enjoyable as you can .

        But DLP's must sees are Phantom Manor , Big Thunder , Space Mtn , Pirates and The Studios .
        HKDL : Done !!!


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          Re: What is your plan of action?

          Usually, when it is going to be packed, go to BTM first (otherwise, there is no way you are going to access it again). Eventually get the Fastpass for it to ride it again later. Go to Indiana Jones. Go to the POTC. Go to Peter Pan. Go to It's a small world. From now on, you have done a good amount of the most popular ones. Then, you are on your own!
          At that time, all the rides are going to be packed BUT the less popular ones should be good to go: Snow White, Pinocchio, Phantom Manor, Star Tours. I do not recommend to start with SM because it is located in a dead-end and you are not going to access the other lands easily. Plus it is not as popular as it used to be since the "upgrade" (it is really in a very poor state: the ride is so bad that I hurt my neck this summer) and you can go there later. Granted, you have Buzz next door but this ride can accommodate a huge amount of people.
          Depending on your choices, I would either stay in Fantasyland and do the rides there or go to SM, Buzz and Star Tours.
          I went to Disneyland Paris at least 60 times since it opened. Now I am in New York... so, of course, I am not going there as much as before. But each time I went back, this itinerary worked. Of course, when it is really full (if you have already a lot of people in It's a small world or worst at Peter Pan, you are in for a very long day. Then, try to go to a nice restaurant or just enjoy walking around. The Studios could be a good choice though because they are not very popular and you can do quite a bit there withtou too much waiting.
          And, oh yeah, enjoy!


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            Re: What is your plan of action?

            Those are all good ideas, thank you!

            So, have any of you tried to ride BTM or India Jones in a cold winter day? Does it freeze your faces? he he Because I was thinking of doing these first if the weather was not too cold, or leave them for later if it was. But maybe the speed and temperature are never too bad after all.


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              Re: What is your plan of action?

              I always like to start with getting a fast-pass for BTM/SM. After that I like to grab some breakfast (tea, croissant and something sweets) in Main Street. Just to get in the mood. With a full tummy I just start in one land (depending on my mood which land) and I visit every land (mostly counter-clock-wise; because most people tend to go clock-wise). I try to time the visit to Frontierland/Discoveryland with my FP's for BTM and SM.
              I don't like running around the park from land tot land, from attraction to attraction, from fast-pass to fast-pass. I really like tot savour the atmosphere of every land! When I have "done" every land, I like to re-visit my favourite attractions, do some shopping, have something to eat, watch the parades and shows etc.

              And although it is true that DLP has got less attractions than DL/WDW/TDL. I personally don't really notice that because the park and surroundings are so beautiful in itself (hopefully even more beautiful after some re-furb...luckily they are working very hard for the 15th!).


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