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What do I with my luggage?


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  • What do I with my luggage?

    I'll be going to Europe with my school and I have a problem because I'm cheap. I have to check out of the hotel on Friday morning, July 29th. I plan on going to Disneyland Paris on that Friday and my flight leaves Saturday at 7 am. I don't want to get a hotel room for Friday night because I have to leave pretty early anyway.So, lets say I go to Disneyland Paris with my luggage...what do I do with it? Any suggestions? Any feasible suggestions?
    I could take it to lost and found and say that i found it and then pick it up at night and then go to the airport.....Right......Thanks

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      Just curious, what are you planning to do between the time the park closes on Friday and Saturday AM? Sleeping at the airport? If you are planning to hang out somwhere close to the park be sure you can get your checked bag early enough.

      Ps: I think the "lost and found" idea is bad as in "very bad".
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        I think skipping out on a hotel room the last night makes no sense at all. Get a hotel room.


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          Thank you so much for the information about the baggage room. The Lost and Baggage idea would be a bad idea but it would be funny(not when I lose it though) So the park closes at what midnight, my plane leaves at 7 am... my room would be used for 4 hours...if that. I probably need to get to the airport at 4 am because I would be alone and I don't know a lick of french. I plan to leave the park whenever it closes....go to the the new Harry Potter book...come back to California in time to see Jack Johnson play. Anyway....if anyone wants to hang out at the park let me know. It just sucks to go to Disneyland alone. I used to be a CM in Anaheim and would go alone a lot and while you do control your schedule you can't help but feel a little bit lonely.


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