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PM Organist


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  • PM Organist

    Could someone familiar with PM and the American versions of the HM confirm something for me? In the online videos I've seen of PM, the organist in the ballroom seems to periodically glance (glare?) up at the guests on the omnimover. Have I been seeing things? Or does this actually occur?

    If this is so, then I say that both American versions should be updated to include this subtle yet sinister accent to the ballroom scene. In the theatrical mindset of "less is more," I believe that this small finesse adds much more to the experience than something way over the top such as an axe-weilding bride.
    "The greatest expression of rebellion is joy." - Joss Whedon

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    Re: PM Organist

    For the PM Organist, yes he does.

    There is a promo pic of one of the HM Organist looking up but it was a promo and neither hasn't down it since.


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