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Dragons Lair


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  • Dragons Lair

    Theres a dragon under the sleeping beauty castle right? Well what exacty is the attraction what does it involve?

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    It's a walk trough attraction. Not that spectacular. When you take a 'hidden' path next to the castle, you end up in a cave with a lot of smoke. Then you can see an audio-animatronic dragon with smoke coming out of his nose. That's it. I'm sure it's far more complicated then this, but there's so much more to do in the Park that I'm gone pretty quick...
    - Milo


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      It's not really an attraction, it's a way under the castle, it looks like a grotto, it's very very dark. The masterpiece is the captured dragon, it's a great audio animatronic, it moves head, neck and tail.
      It can be scary for kids!


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        It's really a great addition to the concept of the castle. And from someone who has a hard time being impressed by the animatronics on Pirates: It's one eerily realistic little critter. I used to be totally afraid of it as a kid, haha. Then I also thought it reacted to camera flashes... I wasn't a very bright child.


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            Check out my pictures here
            And you might want to look at this thread

            The dragon is an excellent AA - a very nice touch that has no purpose other than to amaze you with that "Disney" magic.
            If you ignore attractions, it's things like this that make DLP the best MK-style park there is.
            Last edited by PeaJay18; 06-15-2005, 08:26 AM. Reason: Noticed aspelling mistakes weeks later...

            "I'm gettin' kind of fond of you, kid.
            Not that I want to pick out curtains or anything."


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              Thanks everyone!


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                I wanna go to Paris!!!!!


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                  Originally posted by PeaJay18
                  If you ignore attractions, it's things like this that make DLP the best MK-style park there is.
                  Haha, such truth.

                  DLP is very short on attractions, but reeeeally long on beautiful and detailed environments.


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                    Short on attractions?? Hardly. Short on guests..? Yes.


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                      amazing.. and to think Animal Kingdom almost for the front half to promote the comming Beastly Kingdom.. but then budget cut back to a rock sculpture and a flame thower....

                      I would have loved for that to spit fire instead....

                      oh well.... it is what helps DLP be unique...


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