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Ever Got Stuck ?


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  • Ever Got Stuck ?

    Last edited by milo_vhw; 05-30-2005, 04:20 AM.
    - Milo

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    Hi Milo,

    I had the same problem at the Manor on my last visit in April, but other than that I've been very lucky. I've seen dozens and dozens of breakdowns as a CM of course, and they can be quite fun.
    Originally posted by fizzog
    Soundtracker you cheeky chipmunk


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      Originally posted by soundtracker
      .... I've seen dozens and dozens of breakdowns as a CM of course, and they can be quite fun.
      Please tell...
      - Milo


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        i've been stuck on Big Thunder , Space Mountain and It's a small World and Phantom Manor .
        HKDL : Done !!!


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          Well, when I was at Rock, we had endless problems witht he launch system - and when one of the Soundtrackers gets stuck at the end of the launch tunnel the CMs have to manhandle it back to the station. Believe me, that tunnel is looong!
          But it's funny to see how the guests react. The ones stuck on the ride ususally take it all in good humour, but the ones int he queue go spare!
          The first question they always ask is "Has anyone got stuck upside down?" But they ask with a certain morbid fascination - they WANT someone to be stuck upside down.
          Originally posted by fizzog
          Soundtracker you cheeky chipmunk


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            I once got stuck in Space Mountain at DLP, on the second lift hill.
            Cast members came out to us very quickly and the working lights were put on.
            We had to sit there for quite a while, over 15 mins I think.
            Eventually they got the ride working and we got to ride the remainder with the working lights on, quite a different trip.
            They then let us get out of the problem train and get in the next one so we could ride the attraction properly.

            I have also been in Test Track when it has broken down - many times, you just have to sit and wait for it to be fixed, or worse still do the high speed part of the ride at a really slow speed due to the ride reset. They usually let you stay on the ride to do it again properly.

            I had to evacuate World of Energy at EPCOT when one of the 'cars' lost guidance and could not be repositioned back on to the guidance cables with guests on the ride. We had to walk through the Dinosaur area with my father in his wheelchair.

            During a trip on the Safari at Animal Kingdom, our truck separated a Female Rhino form it's young calf. The mother was not to pleased and rammed the front of the truck hitting the front tyre which was then punctured. We could not move as we had a flat front tyre. So we had to wait for 5 mins for a rescue, meanwhile all the other trucks were stopped in a line quite a way back behind us. Then two jeeps arrived with rangers / CM's with rifles. They very carefully did a complete review of the situation before making their way very quickly by foot to our truck where they climbed up out of harms way. Apparently they were concerned that the Mother may have attacked the truck again. With a set of four 'watchers' on our truck with rifles, 2 brave guys replaced the tyre and then we completed the trip. There were a number of Disney suits waiting for us when we got back, but there were no issues. To be honest for a while some of the 'American' riders thought the whole thing was part of the ride !!!

            "I'm surrounded by idiots"


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              I always get stuck on the Haunted Mansion! Usually in the dinnig room, but durring Haunted Holiday this year I got stuck at the park where they lean you backwards! I spent 5 minutes staring at the ceiling! It hurts your back!
              Last week I went on Buzz lightyear for the first tme and got stuck towards the end of the ride! Great time to rack up some points whie your stuck!!!!


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