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"Euro Disneyland"


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  • "Euro Disneyland"

    I'm curious as to how successful the rebranding has been. Do most people, especially in Europe, still refer to the park and resort as "Euro" or has the "Paris" name taken hold?

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    Re: "Euro Disneyland"

    Well I agree that the new name is better, but I don't know if it has become a household name in France and Europe.

    Euro Disney is probably how most people who don't visit remember it. A lot of people in France vowed to never go, after all the bad publicity surrounding its debut.

    I imagine those who take their kids there will pick up the new name.

    EURO represents globalization, the European Union, loss of French autonomy and culture and of course, the new $$.

    So Euro Disney makes me think "Spend a Million Euros At Disney" and so the name really represented a costly (for visitors) American intrusion into French culture.


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      Re: "Euro Disneyland"

      CaliforniaAdventurer, pretty muched summed up a reason why the Euro was dropped.

      Disney also refocused the name in order to bring together the powerful names Disneyland and Paris

      But strangely some people I know or talk to (some of who don't know a lot about Disney) think its still called EuroDisney.


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        Re: "Euro Disneyland"

        Originally posted by pancakesaregood View Post
        But strangely some people I know or talk to (some of who don't know a lot about Disney) think its still called EuroDisney.
        I understand the reasons behind the change. This is what I want to know, how well has the name change worked.


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          Re: "Euro Disneyland"

          They probably just call it DEES NAY


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            Re: "Euro Disneyland"

            most of the people still call it Euro Disney here .
            HKDL : Done !!!


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              Re: "Euro Disneyland"

              After all the bad press Euro Disneyland and the Euro Disney Resort got in the first years, in an attempt to reposition the brand the Walt Disney company switched to Disneyland Paris. The main reasons were:
              1. As said before the Euro Disney brand looked very compromised;
              2. Th Walt Disney Company realised that in Europe the euro suffix was (and still is) widely associeted with European Union beurocracy and institutions (like Euro Parliament, Euro laws, and to soon to be born Euro currency);
              3. In a lot of European countries the resort was (and still is) an almost meaningless word, so as a result the Euro Disney Resort felt something like "Boring" + Disney + "what the hell is a resort"?;
              4. The bramd Disneyland Paris instead was made of two highly recognisable "brands" and are both associated with concecpt like fun and "things to do".

              IN the first years of using the Disneyland Paris, in an attempt to localise the brand the "Paris" word was translated in each country. As a result in Italy the park was also referred to as Disneyland Parigi. The thing didn't work at all and now it's officially just Disneyland Paris

              STILL, everybody calls it plain Euro Disney, at leas in Italy. NO Disneyland Paris, wich in italian sounds too foreign and NO Euro Disney Resort: just Euro Disney.

              IMO, even though I agree with all the concerns regarding the Euro Disney brand, still I think it's much more catchy than Disneyland Paris or Disneyland Resort Paris.

              BTW, I guess it shows I had my final degree dissertation on the rebranding od the Euro Disney Resort, doesn't it?
              Visit my blog at

              2008: Disneyland (15 years after the 1st visit!)
              2007: World of Disney New York City
              2006 Disneyland Resort Paris
              1992: Euro Disney Resort
              2005: Tokyo Disney Resort
              1998-2005: Disneyland Paris
              1997: Walt Disney World
              1993: Disneyland


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                Re: "Euro Disneyland"

                I don't agree when one says that most people say "Euro Disney".
                I noticed that some parents, and especially grand-parents still use Euro Disney to name the resort.
                But every kid I know say Disneyland, they don't even know what Euro Disney is...


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                  Re: "Euro Disneyland"

                  I travel widely around the UK in my job. People either call it EuroDisney (still widely used here), Disney, or Disneyland.

                  But a lot of the avergae joes don't even know about Disneyland the original, HKDL or TDL.
                  Let's put the Walt back in Disney!


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                    Re: "Euro Disneyland"

                    ....And don't even get me started on the "Epcot versus EPCOT Center" debate...


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                      Re: "Euro Disneyland"

                      Originally posted by TDLFAN View Post
                      ....And don't even get me started on the "Epcot versus EPCOT Center" debate...
                      The mayor of my city just this week used the phrase Epcot Center when describing plans for a new international shopping center.

                      A bientot.
                      What the dormouse said
                      Feed your head!


                      You've read it; you can't unread it!


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                        Re: "Euro Disneyland"

                        These are the names I'ver heard continental Europeans use:
                        - Euro Disney
                        - Disneyland
                        - Disney

                        Not once have I heard anyone express plans to go to "Disneyland Resort Paris".

                        Which is, for all you Disneyland Paris purists out there, sort of like referring to a football as a "hydrocarbon polymer geodesic sphere".

                        There are some other problems with the DLRP names, though;
                        - The extention of a place name ("Euro Disneyland", "Disneyland Paris" etc.) implies that there is a "real" Disneyland out there and that this European one is merely a local franchise. This isn't a good idea on a continent where people already believe this.
                        For comparison, imagine if Walt Disney World had been named "Disneyland Florida". Hm?
                        - The name "Disneyland Park" does nothing to subvert the stubborn idea that this is the "park-park" as opposed to the Studios which is merely some second grade add-on. I'm not implying that it isn't a second grade add-on, but it's not exactly helping Disney.

                        What's in a name? A whole lot I'd say.


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                          Re: "Euro Disneyland"

                          IMO a lot of people indeed still call it Euro Disney or Euro Disneyland. But I do agree that there is a difference between older and younger people.
                          But hey, my mother will still call businesses (e.g. Sporthuis Centrum as the old name for Center Parcs) or tv-shows the names they don't have anymore for sometimes more than 30 year or so!

                          But the strange thing is, that the mother-company still is called Euro Disney. So a lot of times when there is a press-release you can read in the Dutch-newspapers something like: Euro Disney is planning to expand.....
                          So the different name of the mother-company and the resort doesn't help either.


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                            Re: "Euro Disneyland"

                            In the beginning there was lots of confusion between the park being Euro Disneyland (vs kingdom magique) and the resort being Euro Disney.
                            "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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                              Re: "Euro Disneyland"

                              I agree with Tommie that people still refer to it as Euro Disney or just Disneyland. In The Netherlands I never heard someone say 'Disneyland RESORT Paris'. Since most people act surprised when told that there is a second gate, the whole adding 'Resort' to the name doesn't make sence to them.
                              - Milo


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