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Upcoming first time visit in May


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  • Upcoming first time visit in May

    Myself and a friend are making our first trip to DLP in May and spending 2 days during a visit at the end of my business conference.

    My question is I know we can book a ticket to get from DLP to CDG on a TGV. Does that TGV leave from the station on the park property? How long is the trip in time from DLP to CDG?

    Also, if you were arriving at DLP from Paris first thing on a Sunday morning for two days, would you spend the Sunday at the Studios and Monday in Disneyland or the other way around? We are staying at the Sequoia Lodge for those two days until our plane leaves on Tuesday at 1400hrs. Both of us know our way around Disneyland Calif and WDW blindfolded, but never been to DLP so we are flying blind on this one.

    Can anyone offer suggestions...??

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    Re: Upcoming first time visit in May

    You don't need a whole day for the Studios, from what I understand (they didn't exisit when I visited the resort), so I'd hit the Disneyland park on Sunday, and then do the studios on Monday in the morning and then Disneyland Park again for the rest of that day.


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      Re: Upcoming first time visit in May

      I agree. I did not spend more than maybe 5 hours at the Studios on Day 1, and I was pacing myself. We did go back few a couple hours more on another day, but I really don't think you'll need more than half a day. Have fun!


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        Re: Upcoming first time visit in May

        See I don't agree. I have been to DLP 48 times and grew up at DL. Personally we can and do spend a whole day at the Studios if you see all the shows. The crowds in DLP on a sunday are unbearable, but they are fine in the Studios.

        Personally as a park vetran, because of the days you are going, I would spend Sunday at the Studios and if you get board, then go to DL afterwards. You will accomplish an aweful lot more and get the most value out of your time.

        As a Disneylander with WDW experience, do not miss:

        Studios - Cinemagique and if short queue you may be interested in Armageddon (like Backdraft at USH). Also WDS has a better version of RNR Coaster IMHO and Motors Action is my fav (but I suppose you could miss if you have seen the one in FLA).

        DLP - Phantom Manor, Big thunder (has the biggest queues as does Peter Pan), PotC, Tarzan Show, IASW, Lion King Show, Space Mountain, the Castle Gallery and Dragon in the dungeon, also Alice's Curious Labrynth is unique to the park. You may want to experience the difference of Storybookland Canal Boats if you are a fan of the original.

        Be sure to see the new parade and Candlerellabration.
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          Re: Upcoming first time visit in May

          trian, i think takes 20-30 min max, but dont quote me on it, check the tgv website, as im not sure how often they run

          as for the parks, buy a park hopper, then mix the parks. do what you want when you want to do it!

          as dave said, dont miss the dragon, pirates, phantom manor, space, but dont overlook cinemagique in the studio, it is a great film
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            Re: Upcoming first time visit in May

            Originally posted by davewasbaloo View Post
            See I don't agree. I have been to DLP 48 times and grew up at DL. Personally we can and do spend a whole day at the Studios if you see all the shows.
            Of course you CAN, but you don't NEED to if you are in a time constraint. We did every single thing to do at the park and did not spend a whole day there. It was a big plus because we really wanted to get back to Disneyland.

            Also WDS has a better version of RNR Coaster IMHO
            hmmm...The ride seemed very similar, but the storyline was reduced to almost nothing. So Florida's gets my vote.


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              Re: Upcoming first time visit in May

              I would go to DLP on Monday.

              For what it's worth here's our (short but sweet) experience in 1999: We arrived @ CDG very early am (from Seattle) headed to a Disney resort shuttle stop and waited about 20 min. Our clean/modern 20+ passenger shuttle bus arrived along with it's very enthusiastic driver. The bus continued on to another stop, ultimately we had about 10 passengers. Less than a half an hour later we were on the property. The first drop off was at our hotel, the Sequoia Lodge.

              At the Sequoia there were virtualy no lines and plenty of very enthusiastic staff to greet us. Check in was a breeze and the room had just what we would eventually need at the end of the day...a comfortable bed and a nice big clean bathroom! However since our flight was delayed our time at the park started that same day around noon (it was around Guy Fawkes week, Nov, chilly but sunny, somewhat busy. Double check whether your visit coincides with a local holiday) I was impressed with everything about the park; clean and photogenic. Cast members were eager to speak English. We were especially intrigued with the indoor alley ways on either side of Main Street, the Phantom Manor, Big Thunder and Space Mountain attractions (BT and SM had long-ish lines and young people have a tendancy to smoke in line, even inside), Discoveryland, and a refreshing beer and BBQ ribs in Frontierland. The castle was unusually pink but glittered under the clear French autumn sun, and yes, the Labyrinth was unique.

              We had dinner at the hotel restaurant (forgot the name) and watched the bon fire on the lake from inside. We enjoyed the service, quality and the price was fair.

              After a dip in the indoor pool and a good nights rest we took the local train into Paris.


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