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Wonderful World of Disney Parade


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  • Wonderful World of Disney Parade

    Finally found a Video8 vcr for my OLD camcorder tapes....

    Captured to PC, edited video and audio for about 2 hrs and here is my end result. Not my best "rushed job" and I only had one take of the parade, so I apologize for the "herky jerky" of the camera.

    It was 9 years ago.

    Who: me
    What: Wonderful World of Disney Parade
    Where: Disneyland Paris
    When: July 11, 1998 (4 months after its debut)

    The "princess float" was supposedly in existence during this time, however it did not join the parade on this day. Aside from parade stop segments, to my knowledge the princess float it is the only item making this montage incomplete.

    Live audio dropped and extended edit of Dancin a Catchy Rhythm inserted.


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    Re: Wonderful World of Disney Parade

    THANKS for the video. So many remembrances...


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      Re: Wonderful World of Disney Parade

      Thanks for posting the video.Its not until you see that video that you realise just how much this parade has been cut in the years.
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        Re: Wonderful World of Disney Parade

        Wow, thanks indeed.
        So many elements has been removed I didn't even remember! But going trough my old photo albums, I see that they recycled some floats for the Wonderful World of Disney Parade as well. I have photo's from the parade back in 1996 with the same Aladdin and Jungle book floats as in WWoDParade. I always thought this parade was brand new, guess not.
        - Milo


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