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  • Attendance

    So with the 15th Anniversary in full gear now and the new Toon Studios about to open plus the fact Summer is just around the corner, even through looking out of my window you'd think differently,I was just wondering how attendance was looking so far.Do you think a couple of kiddie attractions despite being of high quality and a new parade is enough of a draw to get people to book vacations this Summer to the Resort,or will people hold of until the Tower of Terror opens.Promotion in the UK is mainly centured around the kids go free,but has been rather agressive,in fact its the most agressive advertising campaign I've seen them do since the opening of the Studios back in 2002.
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    Re: Attendance

    I reckon Crush's Coaster will be put across as a family ride rather than a kiddie ride and it'll probably get a draw just because it's a roller coaster that's moderately exciting if it's anything like the others in its class.


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      Re: Attendance

      Based upon my recent visit, I think DLP is in for a bangup summer.

      I'm not sure how much, if any, the new Toon Studios plays into the equation.

      The 15th anniversary is the draw even if there isn't all that much actually new or related to it debuting.

      Reminds me ... I really need to finish my trip report ... oh, yeah, but I'm headed to WDW next week and I need to start packing!


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        Others : 10%

        (direct link :
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          Re: Attendance

          Yes, it's been that way forever. The Germans, it seems, aren't crazy for Disney. I wonder why?

          I know everyone's going to blame it on poor advertising, but come on, people know it's there.

          (Meanwhile, with that percentage it suddenly seems slightly ridiculous that German is the third language on every sign, flyer and menu after French and English.)
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            Re: Attendance

            I'm from Germany and it is, believe it or not, VERY BAD!!!! adervertising. We didn't even get a website makeover.
            They are still advertising Space Mountaim Mission 2 on the main page.
            Not a single hint for the 15th celebration, no Toon Studios, Cars or Crushs Coaster.
            No advertising on TV, nothing.
            So, if you are not interested in Disney or Themeparcs and start to invetigate by yourself you won't get informed here in Germany.

            Bottom line is: Disney is for kids.
            If you tell somebody you are visiting Disneyland, all you get is a nice smile.

            Just my two cents.


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              Re: Attendance

              Use the main page to access Germany site.

              Then you'll get to see the 15th ad. But true, the following web page is the old one.

              Check also this:


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                Re: Attendance

                I know both sites, thank you but that's because I love DLRP and Disney of course.
                But if you don't know much about Disneyland, you don't get much information, in my opinion.


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                  Re: Attendance

                  In Austria it is the same. No advertising on TV or in any newspaper or magazine. Although Austria is a very small country, I think that more people would visit DLRP if there would be more advertising.

                  Nice greetings to the micechatters from Austria!!


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                    Re: Attendance

                    The Netherlands was bombarded with advertisements, they seem to be everywhere on every TV channel, especially around April. The Dutch are very loyal to DLRP and simply love it. And 'our' site is brand new and updated... I guess the German are a bit neglected...


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                      Re: Attendance

                      They plan more guests from eastern France then Germany with the upcoming TGV East...
                      Startup of service in 10 days.


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                        Re: Attendance

                        As far as I know, the TGV will depart from Stuttgart/Germany as well. So it will be a little bit easier for the south-western part of Germany to get to DLRP. Hope so.
                        But with no advertising for this event, all stays the same.
                        It would be so easy. Just a little note like: TGV takes you to Disneyland and Paris in no time.
                        Is it really that difficult?
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                          Re: Attendance

                          Fore more information about DLRP/TGV east partnership :


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