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Fastpass & VIP Fastpass Confusion


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  • Fastpass & VIP Fastpass Confusion

    I'm planning my trip for October now. I've been on the DLP website and looking at the various Disney properties, where I've noticed that some have fastpass tickets, and some don't, listed as amenities. How does the fastpass system work there? Don't you just use your standard or park hopper ticket at the fastpass machines like other parks to get an assigned time? Or is it a whole different ticket needed? Any idea why some hotels list it, and others don't? I'm confused.

    I also noticed that if you stay at the DLP Hotel or you book a suite in most others you get a VIP Fastpass as an amenity--what does that do? Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Fastpass &amp; VIP Fastpass Confusion

    There is the normal fastpass system which uses your entry pass to obtain a fastpass with a set time frame on it in which to return to enjoy the attraction.

    Some hotels however do offer a hotel fastpass (I believe Disneyland Hotel is included). You will receive a number of fastpasses with no timeframe on it. When you reach an attraction which you would like to visit, just enter through the fasstpass entrance and give one hotel fastpass.

    If you stay in certain suites you will receive a VIP fastpass. This type of fastpass will be valid throughout your stay. On entering the attraction you just have to show your VIP fastpass and you will be granted access. Just make sure you keep the VIP fastpass for another go or an other attraction!



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      Re: Fastpass &amp; VIP Fastpass Confusion

      alright a VIP Fast pass is a like a FP Ticket who says VIP FP ont it with a date on it . This pass will be valid during all your stay and you'll be able to ride thru the FP line as many time as you want when the FP are open of course .

      Hotels Fastpass are vouchers or coupons whatever wich a date on it and you"ll have one ticket per person and per day just depends how many people share the same room .

      VIP FP are valid from FP open to 6pm .
      HKDL : Done !!!


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        Re: Fastpass &amp; VIP Fastpass Confusion

        Thanks for those responses. I understand now and can make my decision. Thanks much.


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