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Phantom Manor FanFiction (sorry, unusual I know)


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  • Phantom Manor FanFiction (sorry, unusual I know)

    I know this is quite irregular but I have begun a Phantom Manor FanFiction that, while keeping the basic premise of the story, expands on it and modifies it slightly. Hope you enjoy it, there's more to come if you do.

    Ravenswood Manor

    Epilogue, 6th November
    She clutched her bouquet with an unyielding force as tears mixed with the falling raindrops. The cogs of her mind rotated rapidly; the usual question. Why? That simple little word was all she could ask herself. The final groups of guests made their way out of the manor and back down to the town, scared to approach Melanie through wish of not wanting to disturb. The gates of the manor flew shut in the wind as the final few departed. The bride who never was ignored the nearby gazebo and sat among the flowers of the pristine garden, soaking wet and still hoping. Not hopeful but hoping.

    But as a shrill scream rang out from inside the manor, hope, she feared, would soon be a distant memory.

    She ran with all her strength through the boggy grass to the front door and joined the rush of servants heading towards the source of the cry. Up. Up. Up. They were heading for the attic.

    As she predicted, hope abandoned her as she saw the distressed faces of all who looked. As she jolted her head upwards she began to feel dizzy, for hanging from the rafters by the neck was Jack.

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    Re: Phantom Manor FanFiction (sorry, unusual I know)

    I do this all the time at home, so no worries. If a ride or something inspires you to create, by all means, capture the moment regardless.

    We have a writers club on MCGold, btw.

    Good job, I enjoyed the read.

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      Re: Phantom Manor FanFiction (sorry, unusual I know)

      So wait, how are you doing the Phantom then? I'm one of those in the boat that the Phantom IS Henry. Or is it that Melanie's only just found Jack up there and Henry's back from doing his little rope trick?
      M-I-C-K-E-Y P-R-I-M-E


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        Re: Phantom Manor FanFiction (sorry, unusual I know)

        Henry would hide his crime very cunningly if he committed it. It could be anyone at this stage. Right? Hope that came (Maybe even Madame it all to find out more...)


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          Re: Phantom Manor FanFiction (sorry, unusual I know)

          Cool story Fizzog, I like it a lot.

          I love doing these kinds of things as well, except in my version of the story Henry is the name of the groom, and Mary is the bride. The Phantom in my version of the tale is a creature from beyond the grave, that envies Mary and Henry, and so captures the bride and imprisons her in her home, and brutally kills Henry.

          In fact, I even made my own movie about it, except the exterior of the manor is set in the UK:


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