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Crush's Coaster : My TR + Photos


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  • Crush's Coaster : My TR + Photos

    I just returned from Disneyland Resort Paris where I could experience Crush's Coaster, one of the 2 new additions of the Walt Disney Studios. I didn't ride Cars Quatre Roues Rallye, as I was alone, and that kind of attraction (like Mad hatter's cups) make me feel sick.

    I think Toon Studio really changes the face of the WDS and the overall theme is lovely, it's small but very well designed. The place was very crowded, because of the 2 new attractions first, but also as it is now the only way to Studio Tram Tour (temporarily, as they're building Hollywood Blvd...).

    Waiting time for Crush's was 60 minutes, and I actually waited for... 60 minutes I usually hate to wait so long for any attraction, but this time, as it was the first time, it was OK, I was so eager to do it.
    Then I arrived at the turtle shells, I saw a guy who had weight problem who had difficulty taking place if the turtle shell. After sitting myself inside, I thought how small it is!
    Then it started, the dark ride part is great, and Nemo animation is awesome, probably the upcoming 3D Cinema will like like that, the background looked very deep and the animation was crystal clear with a high definition. Great job! The following scenes were great too, although I think kids can be scared by the very large Bruce!

    I think the drawback of this part is that it's too bright inside the building, they need to reduce the light, as you can see the track and the pillars
    Overall, I really loved this attraction and I can't wait to do it again. Add good news for those who are afraid to feel dizzy after (I'm a person that can easily feel dizzy), I felt very well after and I went straight to Rock'and'Roller Coaster.

    See my pictures : CLICK FOR PHOTOS


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    Re: Crush's Coaster : My TR + Photos

    I think they brightened it up in there because people were complaining of nausea lol, I'm fine on any kind of coaster but awful on spinning flat rides :S The EAC is always a tad flawed cos you'd go straight forward technically. I hope the pillars/track aren't too visible, that would be a shame. I suppose a ride around the reef would work better as if the whole thing was basically a dark ride built as a regular spinning coaster but why would you whiz around a reef? Great pics!


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      Re: Crush's Coaster : My TR + Photos

      Thank you for your review of Crush. Very informative - can't wait to try it myself!
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        Re: Crush's Coaster : My TR + Photos

        I want to ride Crush's Coaster!

        Thanks for the TP!


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          Re: Crush's Coaster : My TR + Photos

          Originally posted by fizzog View Post
          I hope the pillars/track aren't too visible
          Well actually it's not VERY bright, but i's brighter than inside Space Mountain for example.


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            Re: Crush's Coaster : My TR + Photos

            Beautiful pictures!
            I want my cake back!


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