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Wich one do you prefere ? Mission 1 or 2 ?


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  • Wich one do you prefere ? Mission 1 or 2 ?

    for my personnal experience i prefer the Old one with that great orchestra Ride Music .

    Mission 2 is not so bad but the special effects are already missing '' De La Terre a la Lune '' was so much better .
    HKDL : Done !!!

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      I do not like SEQUELS

      I'm just against a number 2 - I did like the storyline of Space Mountain as it was "THE" ride of Discoveryland -- Space Mountain-Mission 2 is a nice attraction in detail even if I think that it will happen soon that this attraction and the special effects are out of date.

      The ORIGINAL version was just timeless and genious. I love it. I would go for putting the original music back on - as the track remained the same, the music would still fit - and instead of the Supernova (not spectecular at all) you could place a realistic moon.

      BUT - teenagers love the music and the effects - it's new, it's cool, it's great - you must see that - that's what they say.


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        Mission 2 is not a bad ride. If you never did the original ride Mission 2 is on of the best Disneyland Parc rides! But if you did ride the original and loved it (like us), you'll just miss a lot of things.
        For instance the open queue; almost more a thrill then the actual ride with all the people going lightspeed and screeming, all just right above you.
        I also don't agree on what they did to the main hall. They only removed the french flags/banners and updated the logo's. Why didn't they do a whole makeover. It makes you nostalgic of the old Space Mountain and wanting it back even more...
        But about the music, I can't remember the music from Mission Two that well. All I know is that I came out with a big , and the music also was the cause. I love the orchestra but the new music apparently did not bother me.
        - Milo


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          Originally posted by DLRP_bopazot
          for my personnal experience i prefer the Old one with that great orchestra Ride Music.
          Mmmmz...(though I think it's a nice one) you're avatar surely reflects your opinion
          - Milo


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            you're avatar surely reflects your opinion
            i have to change my avatar lol
            HKDL : Done !!!


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