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hauling luggage from DLP to Paris


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  • hauling luggage from DLP to Paris

    How difficult is it to bring heavy luggage (my travel partner refuses to travel light) from a DLP hotel to a hotel in Paris? I guess that depends on how close the hotel is to the train's a bit off-topic, but any hotel recommendations in Paris that are near train stations?

    We're going to spend a few days in DLP and then see Paris, since it's ridiculous to travel across the ocean just for Disney. That's what I'm saying out loud, anyway.

    Any suggestions for the luggage thing, though?

    The current plan is to take the shuttle bus from the airport to DLP and a cab from the Paris hotel to the airport, but we're not sure how we're going to get from DLP to the Paris hotel.

    The train is the obvious choice, but I've read that moving through the stations with heavy luggage can be a real bear.

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    Yes, moving through the train stations - and the streets - can be a bear with heavy luggage. Elevators are not always available in the stations, so you may have to carry your luggage up at least 1 flights of stairs if not more. But, the train is the BEST was to travel from DLP to Paris Proper.

    We stayed at the Hotel Regyn in Montmartre the first time. It is seconds away from the Abesses station. But, depending on where you want to stay, there are stations everywhere. Just be aware that you may have to carry your bags up stairs.


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      Good advise up above. If you can get to your hotel in the city without having to make more than one train transfer, then go for it... otherwise.. take your vitamins and be patient. You may or may not be going up and doing stairs. Some stations do have elevators and others have escalators. It may not be too bad but again...depends from station to station..


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        The annoying thing is that she's bringing the big suitcase, and I'm the one that's going to end up hauling it around!

        Where is the justice?

        Anyway, I will pass on your information, but I believe she is impervious to guilt when it comes to having the right clothes...

        Thanks very much for the information, I appreciate it.


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          Pack only black clothes. The wardrobe will go a lot further with only black items to choose from. I always buy a ton of scarves in Paris and spece up my black with that.

          ALso, keep in mind you'll be buying stuff to take back and will want to have room for stuff.


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            I highly recommend one of the soft-sided travel bags with an internal frame and a zipped side containing shoulder straps and a hip belt. THE BEST way to train travel with luggage is when you're able to haul it on your back. Plus, for your friend who hasn't learned the beauty of travelling light, it frees up hands to carry the second bag (in which case I'd probably recommend a good carryon-sized rolling bag.)

            Tell your friend to travel light and plan on buying stuff in Paris!

            Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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              Ugh, my luggage lugging in the other direction, Paris to DLP, was the absolute worst part of my first trip to both. As if pulling the damn things through the streets of Paris wasn't bad enough (with my bf's old-fashioned bag constantly falling off balance and tumbling to the ground), finding room aboard the RER trains with the bags was hell. And pulling the bags from the DLP station to even our relatively close Hotel New York was the big fat lead weight that broke this camel's back.

              Pack as light as you can. Make sure your bag(s) are breezily wheelable. And yes, get a hotel near an RER station in Paris. Don't know if this would help (cause it's on the pricey side), but we stayed at a place pretentiously called L'Hotel in St. Germaine which was beautiful, fantastically located in the heart of tourist-central Paris, and was relatively close to the Les Halles station for RER to DLP.


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                Take the Disneyland bus from CdG to DLRP and you will be a happy camper. Then take the RER back to Paris to a hotel close to a Metro station. Try not to travel during peak commute hours and it will be easier. If your hotel is too far away from the station, take a taxi from the station to your hotel and you;ll arrive fresh as a daisy.


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                  That sounds reasonable. Thanks again for the advice.

                  I'm starting to make my friend a little paranoid, and she thought it might be an OK idea to take the bus from DLP back to the airport (since it's basicallty door-to-door service) and then take a cab from the airport, since it would be largely impossible to be unable to find a cab there.

                  We both want to check out the trains, though, so we probably won't do this. Just wondering if you all thought it would be feasible in case there's some kind of train engineer strike or something...

                  Personally, I think even if the experience is awful, it's worth having just because it's new, and sometimes having a miserable time (as long as you're prepared for it) can be kind of fun.


                  • #10
                    We stayed at the Hotel Opera Cadet. It's very close to a Metro stop. (Helpful if you have all that luggage.)
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