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Budget for Disneyland Paris?


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  • Budget for Disneyland Paris?

    For those of you who also read the Tokyo section of MiceChat, I apologize for posting this a second time, but we're trying to decide between the two!

    My husband and I are thinking of taking our tax return next year and putting it towards a trip to Tokyo or Paris (since we've always wanted to go to both). We live in Canada, so I speak a little French (had to take it in high school...) and I can understand a fair amount by reading. The language isn't going to be a huge concern for us.

    What is a reasonable budget (we've been students for the last 4 years, so we can live on a budget and we don't need super fancy accomodations - seriously, a French version of Motel 6 would be fine!) for hotel, food, transportation (around Paris as well) and 2 days at each park? As for airfare, we'll just grab whatever is cheapest - probably fly into London and take the train to Paris. Also, what is the best time (i.e., off season) to travel to Paris?

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      Re: Budget for Disneyland Paris?

      I dont think you need to day at the studio park. The crowds are light and there is not that much to do. If you go on june, the weather will be decent but it will still be considered off season.
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        Re: Budget for Disneyland Paris?

        I agree with Zarniwoop that september/oktober are nice months to visit. There are even some hotels acknowledged by Disney near the park. Rates are good and there's a bus between the Parks and the hotels that departs every 10 minutes and the you'll be there in less then 10 minutes.
        Maybe you schould check these out:
        Kyriad (great stay)
        All hotels
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          Re: Budget for Disneyland Paris?

          I would go for Tokyo if you want to visit two wonderful parks - Paris is not as good as the Tokyo parks.

          On the other side I guess that Paris is the more beautiful city - Motel 6 is part of Accord, a french hotel chain.

          Just check out - otherwise you have hotels like IBIS or KYRIAD which are quite good. or

          good luck


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            Re: Budget for Disneyland Paris?

            We just booked our trip to Paris in October. Here's what I discovered.

            Staying off site is only a slightly better deal. On site hotels include breakfast and park entrance to both parks. And the closest off site is about 10 miles away. Once you factor in the cost of transportation into the resort, you aren't saving at MOST a couple hundred dollars to stay off site. Something to keep in mind.

            It's unlikely you'll need to spend even 1 full day at the Studios park, let alone 2. Either save money by cutting the trip a day short, go for one extra day in the park, or better yet, take that extra day in Paris.

            Like others said, you won't save money by taking the Chunnel. It's cheaper to fly direct to Charle De Gaulle.

            If you do stay on property, the pricing is based on what day you check in. Try to check in on a weekday or a Sunday, you'll get the best, or close to the best, deals.


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