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Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)


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  • Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

    After our wonderful Transatlantic voyage on Cunard's Queen Mary 2, we took Eurostar over to Disneyland Paris for the weekend. We had a really great time, but it was very cold.

    Eurostar departs from London's Waterloo International station until next month, when it moves to another station.

    We had a few hours to spend in London, so we waled to the Thames and saw the London Eye.

    And also saw Big Ben and Parliament.

    Westminster Abbey was nearby too.

    Disneyland Paris had a few displays around the station.

    In a few hours, we were in Lille, France - to change to another train.

    The TGV took us from Lille to Marne La Vallee, stopping for a few minutes at Paris' Charles De Gaule Airport.

    We arrived at Marne La Vallee around 6:00 PM.

    More to come ...

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    Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

    We walked over to our Hotel ... Disney's Newport Bay Club.

    From the outside, it's very pretty.

    The lobby is very nice too.

    They even had Minnie and Mickey visiting the many screaming children.

    Another view of the lobby.

    Next door, was Disney's Sequoia Lodge.

    Disney's Hotel New York was directly across from the Newport Bay Club.

    We were given an awful room at the Newport Bay Club, facing the front entrance. The room was not very well maintained and since there was no air conditioning, we had to keep the balcony door opened. It was SO noisy outside. It was really awful. I would not stay here again.

    Next up .... Disneyland Paris.


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      Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

      There is of course, the security bag check.

      And the most beautiful entrance to any Disney theme park worldwide - under the Disneyland Hotel.

      Fantasia Gardens are so beautiful in this area.

      The hotel lit up in the evening.

      Guests at this hotel have an amazing view of the park itself.

      This is Salon Mickey, where Euro Disney shareholders can relax and enjoy a snack and a beverage before entering the park.


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        Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

        Of course, the shinning star at Disneyland Paris is Le Chateau de la Belle au Bois Dormant.

        The Dragon in the dungeon is always impressive to see.

        The story of Sleeping Beauty brought a tear to my eye.

        The view of Fantasyland from the Chateau.

        And the view down Main Street from the Chateau.

        The Chateau at night was drenched in red for Halloween.

        Yours truly in front of the Chateau.


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          Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

          Thanks for photos. Looks like it was cold...


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            Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

            After a petit dejuneur (breakfast) in Fantasyland ...

            ... and a visit to the little garcons room ...

            We were off to visit the rest of the park.

            The best Big Thunder Mountain in the world!

            Phantom Manor was great too.

            Sailing on the Molly Brown, you could see the Mountain a little closer.

            The Tea Room at Phantom Manor.

            Sailing on the Molly Brown.

            I think they called this Smugglers Cove.

            Pretty colorful trees were everywhere.

            A "natural bridge."


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                Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

                After lunch ... a cruise around "it's a small world."

                Discoveryland is awesome.

                I even found a natural hidden Mickey.

                Discoveryland is even more wonderful at night with all the lights.

                And the Autopia in purple.

                Over at the Cafe Hyperion, the Lion King family has their own table.


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                  Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

                  Saturday, it was off to ...

                  Walt Disney Studios Paris.

                  The main entrance plaza was unimpressive.

                  Very unimpressed.

                  Inside Studio One just seemed like a crazy mish mash.

                  I hear Tower of Terror is opening soon.

                  We saw Animagique ... it was pretty good, but I liked Cinemagique even more.

                  Outside the new Crush's Coaster ride.

                  Wheeee ... it spun ... we didn't go on it.

                  Mickey was the smart one ... he had gloves on.

                  The new Cars attraction. We skipped that one too.


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                    Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

                    Of course, we also spent some time in the Disney Village.

                    Disney Village, Panoramagique and the Hotel New York at Night was pretty.

                    Our last night, we stayed at the Dream Castle Hotel. This was TEN times better than the Newport Bay Club.

                    Early Sunday morning, we took the TGV over to the airport.

                    Only top find that Air France was on strike.

                    Lots of angry people ... let them eat cake.

                    Lots of Air France jets were grounded.

                    Fortunately, our flight did depart, albeit late. But we got home safe and sound.

                    Au revoir and until next time!!!

                    Thanks for reading my reports.


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                      Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

                      Great report & piccies. Thanks for sharing!
                      Jon A. Leslie


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                        Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

                        What a great TR and wonderful pictures!! Thanks for sharing

                        Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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                          Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

                          Wonderful pics, looks like you all had a fantastic time!

                          A little piece of heaven


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                            Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

                            Beautiful pics! I really enjoyed them.
                            I want my cake back!


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                              Re: Trip Report - October 25 - 28 (with pictures)

                              Beautiful shots. Love the ones of the Disneyland Hotel and Fantasia Gardens. Oh, and the pictures of Walt's as well. I don't see pictures of the interior very often. It's an excellent restaurant, and I wish it was at the other Magic Kingdoms as well. It just oozes charm everywhere and feels very "Club 33".

                              These pictures make me even more excited to be returning to Disneyland Paris next year. I'm going to give the Disneyland Hotel another shot and hopefully get one of those rooms with a park view.
                              ~ Tokyo DisneySea’s Arabian Coast at nighttime ~


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