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Halloween 2007 @ DLP - A Postmortum


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  • Halloween 2007 @ DLP - A Postmortum

    So, with today being the last day of DLP's Halloween celebrations and the Christmas decorations doubtlessly starting to appear from tomorrow, I thought it was a good time to disect this year's spooky goings-on.

    So, how was this year's Halloween? How did it compare to previous years and how was it supported by the guests? (a friend of mine was there in the half-term week and said it wasn't very busy). Did anyone actually attend the Halloween night party?
    I am tempted to get there for next Halloween although I am beginning to sympathise with those people who dispair at the Halloween decorations (and those potatrolls?!). However, we had fun at Halloween at home this year and DLP still attracts with their wacky shenanigans.
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    Re: Halloween 2007 @ DLP - A Postmortum

    I had an interesting advantage point on this years event. I never got to witness it in person but was at the Resort when all the Halloween decorations were going up. Now the week before that I was in Tokyo enjoying all of TDL Halloween event in full, which was a lot of fun. I don't like Pumpkin Men or Pink Witches period and I would much rather the park used the already existing line up of Disney characters instead of the current bunch of lame duds. Also while TDL offers a brand new event each year with a diifernt theme, DLP just offers the same old rubish every year. In future years I would like to see DLRP move away from the tacky stuff and be a bit more creative. Is it not time that a certain Jack Skellington and crew not make there pressence known in this park.
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      Re: Halloween 2007 @ DLP - A Postmortum

      I agree with you Malin. Even HKDL pulled a great Disney-like Halloween event without straying into uncertain and confusing territory. DLP should do the same.


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