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Visiting DLP for the first time! Any recommendations?

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    I too am planning a trip. But to Paris in July I will be there for 11 days, not sure if I will be venturing out to other countries I'm still working on an itinerary.
    Not sure if I will be attending DL Paris just yet. However using my CM badge I will get in free. Just need to know a few things as well.
    1. Is it possible to knock out both parks in 1 day? I have mastered hitting all rides and seeing my fav attractions at DL and California Adventure in Anaheim in 1 day. Honestly, there are only a few rides i would like to experience. Ratatouille, Pirates, Phantom Manor, Indiana Jones. I would mainly be going just for the atmosphere of being at a Disney park and Knocking one off my list. If I go this will be my first Disney park I attended outside of Anaheim.
    2. Phantom Manor is currently closed. Will it be open in July? Will any other attractions be closed in July?
    3. Is it worth it? This is my first trip outside of the US. So is it really worth it to see DL Paris. I do have a goal to see every park on earth (unrealistic goal) but if you were in my shoes would you use up 1 day to visit the park? Even if I couldn't see everything at the Park I wouldn't want to spend more than 1 day there.


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      You can do DL in one day, and there's only a handful of stuff worthwhile in the other park, so yeah- it's possible. BEST to do it in two days, but one is do-able.