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    It is no small surprise to myself that I’m going to Disneyland Paris. Being west coasters (well, Reno), our home park is DL Anaheim. Going back to 2002, my daughter and I have logged twenty four trips to visit the mouse. But we haven’t been particularly happy with our last couple visits and were casting the net out for a new destination. This started with a consideration of WDW; we only glanced at Paris as a lark, but then soon booked it. I thought I’d share a few of the thoughts that led us so quickly to this decision.

    -The Cost was surprisingly affordable. We could have done it as cheap as $784 each. That price was for a cut rate airline (WOW, stopping in Iceland) and a three star hotel. Our final tab came to $1070 each because we upgraded to a non-stop on Lufthansa and a four star closer to the park. Yes, we could do Orlando cheaper, but not that much cheaper for the week after Memorial Day, and not for a walkable four star hotel.
    - Travel time isn’t as bad as we feared. Our flight time is ten hours, twenty minutes. That’s not a short flight, but once again, not that much more than Orlando (about seven hours, 1 stop) and we pick up a few minutes on the other end (the airport is 10 minutes from DLP if you take the bullet train). And that’s only about four rides wait time at DL now days.

    -Just about any trip report on DLP over a year old is useless. We’ve heard horror stories about the condition of DLP over the years, all the deferred maintenance and closed rides. But this is DLP’s 25th anniversary: They just spent a huge bucket of money renovating literally every ride in the park. They have a new parade, new shows, new fireworks. So until we see some new reports and articles we’re flying off the radar here.

    - You don’t need to over plan. The resort still uses paper fast passes and you don’t need to book restaurants more than a day or two in advance. There’s no premium seating packages. The French don’t honor the ‘these blankets are saving parade seating for ten’ policy- you want to watch the fireworks, you need to save your own place. Crowds are much smaller- a one hour wait on an E-ticket on a busy day is considered.

    -There’s an easy way to get Magic Mornings every day without paying for a DLP hotel. This is an important perk at DL WDW of staying on property, just as important in Paris where the MM is two hours not one! I can’t justify staying at an on property hotel – it would literally double our cost for even the cheapest. But there’s a second group that gets unlimited magic mornings, deluxe AP holders. Which leads me to my last surprise-

    - Annual passports are laughably cheap. I don’t even think they sell six day tickets. If you’re going more than three days annual passport prices out as better. There are APs all the way down to about $160, but a deluxe is only about $240. That’s how cheap the Euro is right now. We paid more than that for three day park hoppers our last trip to DL. The deluxe has no black-out dates, good discounts on food and merchandise and Magic Mornings.

    So there you have my biggest planning surprises. I’m not sure DLP is for everybody, but I’m looking forward to the new shows, the refurbed rides, and of course day trips to see Paris. Bon voyage!

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    As Disneyland regulars we visited DLP in November and absolutely loved it, hope you have a great trip!!