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WDC tot invest 2.1bln in Disneyland Paris

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  • WDC tot invest 2.1bln in Disneyland Paris

    WDC is willing to invest 2.1 bln in Disneyland Paris in the next 10 years. The money will be spend on the renovations of Hotel New York (set for 2018) and Disneyland hotel. Besides there will be focus on Marvel rides in WDS. What else is planned is not mentioned in the Shareholders release. Tony Baxter hinted a placemaking for WDS to fans during his visit to the parks' 25th anniversary earlier this week.

    The investment is in line of the massive investment going on since 2014. This resulted in many ride upgrades and renovations of most parts of Disneyland park. Currently Pirates and Hyperspace Mountain will be reopened in the next months. After the 25th anniversary Pantom Manor would undergo extensive renovations and upgrades. One of the sfx can probably be the never finished scene after departing with the doombuggy. Videomapping was planned to be used to change the environment. In WDS Cinémagique closed to make place for a new show. Rumor is spread it will be a Marvel SFX show using effect as used in the Shanghai Pirates show.

    WDC is planning to buy the last Euro Disney SCA shares on the stockmarket. It is expected to result in fully owning Euro Disney SCA in the first half of 2017.

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    good news too bad i can't go ths year because of my health issues... i even need to search for sites as . having health issues is worse than i used to think.
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