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Trip Report (Disneyland Paris)

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  • Trip Report (Disneyland Paris)

    Hey, everyone! I got back from Europe this Sunday, and figured I would set up a bit of a Trip Report!

    Overall stuff:
    * Many of the same "rules" apply, like FastPasses, what to do first, what FPs to get first, etc.
    * Pretty much every employee seems to speak at least SOME English, much like Japan. I guess you'd have to, being this close to England.
    * It does seem very "Magic Kingdom Lite", like they just wanted to do the MK, but on a budget, so there's a bit less stuff. The layouts are quite similar, but with the benefit of experience- so your Tomorrow/Discoverylands are more well-laid-out, and Peter Pan is FAR from the other stuff in Fantasyland, preventing that bottleneck. The "little things" are what gets you- like having the high-capacity, lower-interest stuff in the very back of the park instead of where you "expect" it to be.
    * The park seems laid out more to suit exploration, as there's about a million ways into every Land from the looks of things. Every once in a while I'd go through a stable or whatever in Frontierland and suddenly end up in Adventureland's grottos or something.
    * Both parks are immediately next to each other, with Disney Village being right next to that.
    * The "Merch" is interesting. I saw a ton of Frozen figurines that I've never seen anywhere else. Unfortunately the prices were INSANE, and I didn't have much room in my suitcase (plus, I was traveling further and don't like having fragile stuff in my bags), or I might have grabbed one. One store in Paris actually had a gigantic, plastic-looking Elsa for 110 Euros. They're neat figures, but a lot of the faces seemed poorly-made, which was another deal-breaker. Quite odd- I wonder if these companies work on stuff for North America, too.

    Overall, I spent two days in the parks (on recommendation from Micechatters), and that was definitely "just right". You could easily do both parks in a day and a half. Disney Village was okay, but mostly just some Disney Stores plus some restaurants. And a hot air balloon.

    * Very similar to Disneyland & WDW's versions, but with "covered Arcades" on the sides, detailing the origins of the Statue of Liberty and some turn-of-the-century inventions. Kind of neat. Most of the shops are connected by walkways, and have this weird combination of "every shop's the same thing" combined with "occasional rarities" that you'll only ever see in one spot. A lot of places in London & Paris have these "Arcades" of shops, too, so this is a bit of local flavor.

    Disneyland Railroad- The same thing you've seen elsewhere, though there's no real "show" pieces or things you can see here that you can't see elsewhere.