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Trip Report (Disneyland Paris)


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    Originally posted by Trekkie Dad View Post

    Nope. I took the pictures with my Samsung Galaxy S7 phone. I usually keep the flash turned off and stabilize it as much as possible in dark scenes.
    Well now I'm just embarrassed. I never used the flash on the Dragon, but the best I got was "grey glob with orange lights" with my BlackBerry. Okay, so it's a 3-4 year old phone from a company that doesn't even make them anymore, but STILL.

    For the record, my schedule went thusly:
    DAY ONE:
    * Eat at McDonalds, get to park at 9:30-ish. Get let into shops early, then go to Frontierland. Skip Phantom Manor and wait for Big Thunder, since it's line was developing quickly. THEN do Phantom. Followed by Space Mountain, Star Wars and then settle in to other stuff. Ate at the Golden Nugget, which was solid (though monstrously expensive). Paying ahead of time for food is much more practical, I find. No flagging down waiters. Though lack of refills stinks. THAT IS TWENTY CENTS WORTH OF SODA, PEOPLE!!!

    * Get super-tired around 6 pm and actually find a quiet corner where literally nobody walked by for half an hour (in a DISNEY PARK? That is DEFINITELY unusual) and semi-nap before finding another one of those stupidly expensive Cokes (man, don't do the math into dollars when you buy those...). Having done the big rides enough times in other parks, I don't feel the need to do them multiple times, but the short lines of the park mean I could have easily done most of the big ones several times. I rode Phantom more than anything. Eat at that ice cream place by Small World, and be annoyed by the inability of people to get rung through quickly- this is apparently a universal thing at every tourist-y place ever- KNOW WHAT YOU WANT TO ORDER AHEAD OF TIME. THE LINE IS HUGE AND YOU CAN THINK ABOUT IT.

    * Watched 90% of the parade, with fairly same-y floats (like Maleficent's Steampunk Dragon). Not QUITE as space-ruining as in Tokyo, but you're gonna want to plan ahead and be on the "good side" of the park.

    DAY TWO:
    * Eat at McDonald's (an adventurous eater, I am not. Also, it's the only place open that early), then go to WD Studios at 9:40-ish. Do Ratatouille immediately, then cycle back for Tower of Terror, then Aerosmith (or the other way around). Tram Tour was broken, so I did the Mickey & the Magician thing, which was fun. Tram Tour was back working again, so I did that. Ratatouille once or twice more, then braved the line for Crush and held in barf. Overall, was "done" around 12, and left around 1 for Disneyland again.

    * Re-did Phantom Manor (3-4 times in total over two days), but just kind of did a "park ambiance" thing, which is easier here than in the crowded other parks. Honestly, the line-ups here were never problematic outside of the food areas. And even that wasn't SO bad. I still only did Peter Pan with FastPass, though- that's a universal constant.

    I finally watched the whole "Princess Show" they do off to the side of the castle, which consisted of the French guy guessing incorrectly as to the identities of all the Princesses (how do you mess up TIANA?). Then the Princesses (led by Aurora since it's her castle, and including Cinderella, Jasmine, Tiana, Ariel, Belle & Rapunzel, who really sticks out oddly since she has such a small dress compared to the others) since an "I see a Princess in YOU!" song and dance with their princes. Seeing major characters like Aladdin & The Beast reduced to cameo roles as "background guy" is always funny in these things.

    I find the casting choices for the girls a bit odd. They're always super-young-looking, with Aurora & Belle usually having the most "classically beautiful", long-faced girls. But long-faced Cinderella has the round-faced girls, and round-faced Ariel has the long-faced girls (EVERY ARIEL I've ever seen has a longer face and pointier chin). As these girls have physical standards that are worse than the Rockettes, it's funny that some of them seem "off-model" from the actual movies. Funnier still that Jasmine is basically "any slightly-tan skin tone" and Tiana runs the gamut of them as well.


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