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  • Trip Report - Disneyland paris

    I was able to visit a couple weeks ago while in Paris on a business trip. A few quick comments, with reference to the update posted on MiceChat today:

    1. Amazed at the difference in quality of theming across Disneyland Paris and Disney Studios; I completely agree with the point that Disney Studios needs a DCA level refresh.
    2. The point about only one train running at DL Paris is correct - ended up waiting over a half hour to ride the train - the longest wait of the day.
    3. The Hyperspace Mountain overlay on their version of Space Mountain is incredible. Much brighter visuals than in the Anaheim version, plus with a more traditional roller-coaster (similar to Screaming at DCA) this ride is very intense. There was a single rider queue for Space Mountain which was terrific - wish they had this in Anaheim!
    4. Really disappointed that Cinemagique was closed the day I visited - though it was not listed as closed on-line. I had visited DL Paris some 10 years ago and had very fond memories of this attraction.
    5. Also well known, but DL Paris has the best Big Thunder Mountain attraction - a really fun experience and the part you zoom under the river is just great. Along with Space Mountain this was the most popular Fast Past attraction - I got a fast past early in the day and had to wait 4 hours for a return time. So if you visit go there early for a fast pass.
    6. It is hard to find, but a "Five Guys" restaurant recently opened as part of the Disney Village. You need to go through security to get to it and the food is a bit more expensive than I'm used to for this chain (9 Euro for a standard burger), but it was really good and definitely better comfort food than is available in the park. Plus I was able to bring a big handful of the free peanuts into the park for a snack later in the day.
    7. Single rider line works great for the Ratatouille attraction - was able to go on it multiple times with minimal wait (it has 3 across seating so lots of empty seats). I liked they attraction, but it was not as immersive as I thoguht it would be, in part because the large movie screens are clearly separated from the ride vehicle. Of the trackless attractions, Mystic Manor in Hong Kong is far and away the best. Please bring Mystic Manor to DCA!
    8. Compared to US prices, park tickets are relatively inexpensive - there is a tired pricing discount right now available on-line; I ended up going on Monday June 5th, a national holiday in France, and bought a park hopper ticket on-line for 82 Euro - if I would have gone the next day it would have cost 72 Euro. With the strong Dollar, that would be about $65.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Seems like you had a nice trip! Don't know why they would limit the capacity of the train during the summer. I can understand them doing it in like fall when it would presumably be less busy but I don't know. I also have bad news for you apparently Cinémagic is apparently permanently closed for what I hear some Marvel thing. Great Post.

    Also what restaurants did you eat at if you don't mind answering?
    Originally posted by micromind
    Grizzlyhead has never been to DL. In fact, he has never even left the house he was born in. He believes the outside world is nothing more than a grand fairy tale.


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      Thanks for the friendly comments. Sorry to hear that Cinematic is possibly permanently closed.

      I ate at the Frontierland BBQ place (forget the name) and had a couple snacks here and there.


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        Wow, Big Thunder Mountain goes under the river? I didn't notice that at all! You're right about it being busy, though- I was shocked! I was planning on going to Phantom Manor first, since it's a unique (ish) attraction to a Disney Park, but looking at the line forming in BTM, I realized that I'd better ride it quickly if I wanted to go. I guess a comparative lack of thrill rides (no Splash Mountain, Indiana Jones Temple or Matterhorn) means that one of the "big mountains" is gonna be SUPER-busy.