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  • Idea for New Disney Resort or Park

    To start things off, I know this should not be in the Disneyland Paris forum, but I didn't know where else to put it, and it would fit well in DLP with a few alterations. Anyway, here's my idea:

    Disney's Story Country

    Story Country is a park themed to the different genres of books. It explores 8 of what I believe to be the most popular genres. The nine lands (the entrance is not themed to a specific genre) include:

    Gardens of Imagination - Park Entrance

    Thunder Mesa - Western Genre

    Romantic Grove - Romance Genre

    Fantasyland - Fantasy Genre

    Spooky Hollow - Paranormal/Horror Genre

    Adventure Isle - Adventure Genre

    Sci-Fi Landing - Science Fiction Genre

    Science City - Non-fiction Genre

    Streets of Peril - Crime/Mystery/Superhero Genre

    The removal of Thunder Mesa and a name change with new dark rides for Fantasyland could easily make it a contender for a Walt Disney Studios replacement in Disneyland Paris, or a possible third gate.

    Information on attractions, shops, and dining for each land will be released shortly. What do you think? Do you like my idea? Any suggestions?

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    Sounds great can't wait to see what you choose for the Fantasyland section!
    Originally posted by micromind
    Grizzlyhead has never been to DL. In fact, he has never even left the house he was born in. He believes the outside world is nothing more than a grand fairy tale.


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      I like all of the themes!! nice ideas!