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  • Little Mermaid Model?

    At the Sleeping Beauty walk through panel they briefly talked about the Little Marmaid attraction that was planned for DLP before it was cancelled and on the screen there was a picture of Tony Baxter standing near a model that appeared to be Prince Eric's palace which I wonder if that could've been the model for DLP's version of the Little Mermaid. Thoughts?
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    I think it was the attraction which was envisioned in the early days, but was never realised. It would be build across the street of Bella Note. There is a documentary on the Blu Ray of The Little Mermaid which indeed shows Eric's Palace. The ride never was built as the financials did not let them. A few years after the documentary the ride got redeveloped and was build at DCA and MK. There was a rumour the bigger attraction was also envisioned for Paris and would be situated behind the Fantasyland trainstation. Next to Casey jr and Pays. But hey... more rides have been envisioned over there. It seems to be a popular spot (seven dwarfs mine train, matterhorn style coaster, etc).

    After all, they decided WDS was in need of more attractions first, and they've built Ratatouille.


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      Double post
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        I think this is the original concept for DL Paris' attaraction