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Space Mountain and Indy Still Very Bumpy ?

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  • Space Mountain and Indy Still Very Bumpy ?

    Prior to the new trains for Space Mountain and the partial track rebuild for Indy, past posters have reported extremely bumpy and uncomfortable riding. Have the recent alterations made things less bumpy and more tolerable ? How do the DLP Space Mountain and Indy rides currently compare to similar Disney park coasters such as the Matterhorn or Rock n' Roller Coaster ?

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    As far as I have read it did help.


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      I rode Space Mountain and Indy on the 26th last month. Space mountain was very smooth - really nice. A big step up from Rock 'n Roller Coaster. Indy was rough as guts and bashed me around. a lot. Raging Spirits at DisneySea was much better in that regard. If they have already done work Indy, it must have been really bad!


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        Thanks for your helpful post. It appears the new Space Mountain trains were effective in improving the ride quality. Now I am looking forward to riding it. My understanding is that Indy did not receive any new trains or track work (other than the loop portion possibly) so it is not surprising that the ride experience has not improved.