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Both parks in one day?


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  • Both parks in one day?

    Hello, I've never been to Disney Paris, I am going to Paris and other places on my honeymoon coming up, and I figured why not spend a day at Disney Paris. I was not aware that they had two parks here though. Is it possible to complete both parks in one day like I do at DCA and Disneyland? I would rather not spend two days here as I have other sites and countries to visit. We are goin the first or 2nd week in November. I don't care much for shows, mostly just attractions. Also if you have any suggestions or must do shows or attractions I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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    I love the Phantom Manor, and recommend the Pirates & Small World. And from what I've read, you should ride Ratatouille at the (ugly, in my opinion) Studios park


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      Difficult to do both fully, so would prioritize either Paris unique rides, or just do Disneyland. The catch is, even the clone rides in Paris have a special spin that makes them worth doing. If it was me, I would just stick to Disneyland.


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        This can actually be easily done. Here is my plan of attack:

        1. Get your tickets in advance to avoid lines to purchase it. If not possible, get the park hopper ticket at the WDS booth, where the lines are shorter. The park lets you enter half an hour before opening to line up for Crush's coaster, so enter and RUN there. Don't be surprised if the line is already 30 mins long. While you wait, make sure your partner runs to get a Fastpass for Ratatouille as soon as the FP delivery opens.

        2. Take the time to ride what interests you. Apart from Crush's Coaster and Ratatouille, the not to be missed attractions is TOT. Sadly the brilliant Cinemagique closed down. Hopefully you can catch a performance of Mickey and the Magician, although I believe it is seasonal.

        3. You'll be done with WDS by 11 AM max, which gives you then time to cross to Disneyland Parc (5 minute walk) and get the rest of the day for that . November is pretty quiet, so most attractions should be a walk-on. I would recommend running to get Peter Pan fastpasses as soon as you enter if possible, though.

        4. Dont miss the night show! It's spectacular! And note that Fantasyland closes one hour earlier than the rest of the park for this show .


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          Awesome thanks for the advice! I will try and use your plan of attack.


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            Originally posted by Nemo123 View Post
            Awesome thanks for the advice! I will try and use your plan of attack.
            You're welcome! Also, I must add that food in DLP is rather terrible in the parks. I recommend that you go to eat at the Earl of Sandwich at the Disney Village (yet another 5 minute walk from both park entrances).

            Also, the park will close early, at around 8 pm. If you still have energy, go explore the Disneyland Hotel. The entrance is east from the turnstiles, and it is a gem. You can also have a beer in their bar and continue doing some shopping in the hotel boutique. The last train back to Paris is around 11 pm, so you'll have time .


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